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Thread: Freedom of Speech

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    No Sir, Mr. Rock Dog. This is the real thing.

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    It is a sorry state when a fine post from BPNJ is deleted because of the disrespect of a few. I would hope that you would restore your thoughts and as NF said ignore the trolls and sock puppets.

    With freedom of speech comes responsibility. The anonymity of the internet allows abuse. Some people say and behave on the internet in a way they would not or could not in a face to face encounter.

    Ignore them.


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    I just wanted to dop in and say. Thanks to all the other veterans out there. I myself am also a veteran, and am still on active duty. I have been overseas to protect various peoples freedoms, because that's what serving is about in my opinion. Protecting freedom. Not just America's but freedom worldwide.

    IRT the freedom of speech and the internet: Here's a site that you should go to

    The orignal site was bought out, but there's a link to an interview by Hannity & Colmes with the original owner of the site. This is a perfect example of someone abusing their Freedom of Speech.

    This isn't meant to be a political commentary, just an example of someone abusing the freedom of speech.

    /me steps off his soapbox.

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