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Thread: State Geocoins

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    I like the idea of an odd shaped one but if we do that I think it should be in the shape of the state. Sort of like the logo that is being used right now on one side and something like "Cacheing in the Natural State" with the GC trackable numbers on the other. I can't really tell what the first design is suppose to be in the PP. Sorry.


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    I'm not good at art and stuff like that so here's my idea for a unique coin.

    Coin shape: Outline of Arkansas
    Coin size: Standard
    Place logo on one side, the other side have the GC Tracking number

    Maybe someone with more art skills than I, could draw this up.

    My $.02

    PS: The coin background colors should be kept to around 3 or 4 and the design not to intricate otherwise it'll be too hard to make them out. (I have a little experience with this since I helped my unit in Iraq procure some coins) I'll bring some of my coins to the event in Bryant to show.

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    I think that any decision on the coin should come after the decision on the logo. But personally, we prefer the crisp clean lines as shown in the GA and Maryland coins. Simple & neat.
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    Ditto Here also.. I think it should have a diamond shape somewhere on it, like our state flag...

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    maybe a diamond shape with the state flag symbol on one side and tracking numbers on the other, tracking numbers will make it cost more but will make the coin more wanted.

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