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    Where O Where...........

    Could someone please tell me where the posting guidelines are for this forum? I have looked, and granted I am not the best looker around (take that however you wish, it just came out that way) I have been unable to find any posting guidelines for this site, could anyone help me out here?
    I want to make sure I am on the cutting edge, but not on the cutting edge that hits the cutting room floor. I am sure there are more people out there than just the Kool-Aid drinkers, who would like the answers to, they are just too afraid of getting on here and asking the questions.

    Anyone wanna give me the list of posting guidelines?


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    Glad you asked about this. There's a good reason you couldn't find the forum posting guidelines. They weren't there! The committee just recently approved them, and I guess they just never got posted.

    Anyways, they are posted now. Go to the "Content" section (upper left corner of the page) and then click "ArkGeo Documents". There will be more things added to this section in the future.
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