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Thread: Reporting marks to NGS

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    Reporting marks to NGS

    I've tried for 3 days, using 3 different computers, used 2 ISPs, used both explorer and firefox, to report finds on two more marks using the NGS form but can't get through.
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    Looks like I'm having the same problem. I got to the page to fill out the information (date found, condition, description), but when I click the "Submit" button, it tries and tries, but finally times out with the message,

    "Program message: Could not open Sybase connection to NGS Server NGSBASE. Exiting from the program."

    Looks like they are having trouble with the database...

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    I dont have any to submit but I will give it try also guys.

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    The NGS recovery reporting form is back up and running. I heard the problem with reporting was because of a huge data transfer. Just what I heard but anyway I was able to report a recovery today.

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    Data base was down.
    They were transfering things around.
    You already know it is in order now.

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