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Thread: Fishing Trip to White River - Looking for a few good caches

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    Fishing Trip to White River - Looking for a few good caches

    I know.. I know.. white river is big. I'll be staying / fishing from the rainbow drive resort. ( I did the standard zip code search (72626).. but wanted to narrow it down a bit. So can you all help me out and tell me which caches are the best near where i will be staying ?

    Most of my caching has been done in FL.. and i'm looking forward to caching a bit out of town.

    Thanks for any help.


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    I've heard some great stories about one called "Abridge This Cache". There is also one that has a nice little hiking trail called "Who Is Josh?".

    Maybe some others here can give you more...

    Welcome to ArkGeo!!!


    **EDIT** Oops. I just realized that I was thinking of another "Rainbow Resort", and it's not even on the White River!!! Oh well, sorry about that. Anybody else know anything about the area to which the OP refers?
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    Hi Chris, welcome to the twin lakes area and the beautiful White River.

    As to what we can recommend depends on what you enjoy. If you want to do quick caching with not much walking, or moderate hiking.

    I will try to put these together in groups.

    Closest to you would be

    Denton Ferry - A very quick cache near parking, about 2 miles from you

    River Walk - about 1/3 mile from Denton ferry, don't do if raining.

    White River Walking Trail- Closer to get to from Big Spring Park in Cotter.
    Don't do in the rain!

    Big Spring Cache - In the park.

    Logging Cache - 1/10 from Big Spring Cache.

    In The State Park:

    Big Bluff - moderate rated hike altho rocky trail, great view from above
    the river

    Gastons Wildflower Meadow - short walk, flat ground

    The Park office by the Wildflower cache may have print outs of these two, they are very cacher friendly people.

    At Gastons Resort close to the state park:

    Gastons Ozark Trail - A very nice 4 part multi. very interesting walk.

    White River Nature Trail - 2 part multi, flat terrain. You can pick up while getting Eagles Nest.

    Eagles Nest - 2 part multi along river, 2 mile round trip flat walk.

    These are all nice caches

    I hope this helps, if you need more specific info, email [email protected]
    or call Linda's cell at 1-870-321-5386 or Bob's work 481-5305 and leave message.

    Bob ( cachecrazies)
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    wow bob.. thanks for the detailed reply.

    i'll probably try the two closest to me.. and those in big spring park. It will be great to look for a few caches that arn't just shoved in the palmetto bushes like here in florida ;p

    I'll post back after the trip and let you all know how it went...

    wish me luck with the fishing too ;p

    thanks again


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    "Strumer", Welcome.
    I fish more down stream but I'm sure you will enjoy the fishing in the White because it is one of the finest Trout waters in the world (check the record books over the years).
    I think you will also enjoy the caches of North Arkansas.
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    No better time to visit Arkansas than the fall. I'm an Arky going to grad school in Florida, so I'm starting to miss the changing of the tree colors.

    Some tips for you:
    Remember to bring a jacket. Even if it's Indian summer they aren't wearing tank tops and flipflops at night.
    You're coords are probably going to be less accurate. You don't get as many satellites on the horizon there.
    Arkansas has actual hills, so a quarter-mile could easily be a half mile with elevation climbs and switchbacks. It makes it more fun IMHO, but I just want you to be prepared.
    If you find you're missing the palmetto hunts during your stay, they can probably order up some stinging nettles to replace the saw palmettos for you.
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    One thing about it, if I was going to the White this time of year I think I would be doing more fishing than caching, but then thats just my opinion, I try to hit a few caches out of state when I go, but a trip from Florida to the White I would still spend most of my time fishing. Either way have fun and enjoy the trip.


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