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Thread: Cabot Monopoly Series. All good games must come to an end.

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    Cabot Monopoly Series. All good games must come to an end.

    Like all well played games, there must be a winner and the board is packed up and put away. The winners of this game are all the great cachers that have taken the time to find this series of caches that I have hidden.

    Monopoly is one of my favorite games of all times and I enjoyed sharing it with everyone. However, I think it is about time for free up the real estate and give other cachers an opportunity to place some hides in the area.

    I'm going to make my last maintenance run tomorrow and give the series one more month to give those that haven't made it all the way around the board a chance to do so. I will archive the Cabot Monopoly Series on 04/30/15.

    Many thanks to all that have already visited an hunted these caches.



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    I think the series is great. I like the ones that have a story or a theme!

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    I am starting to range further and further from home base and love the Monopoly series (and the game, of course) and love the creative twists with the board pieces and physical locations. I'll try to get down there and knock as many out as I can in the next month.
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