It's that time again. The welcome wagon is here to great all the people that joined in July.

Howdy, Hello, Welcome, Good to Meet You, Glad Your here, ............. to: drgnharteclipse of Springdale,
Thatsit of Texarkana, Texas (that's okay we accept texans too ),
flannelman (you don't go by Al Borland do you?),
MoneyMouse100 (our cat and mouse host),
DonCowling of Malvern, cn_and_ac,
Geolands of Maryland (that's a long long way from here), blueyedsportsguy,
releejr of Cabot (Hurray a new person to place caches around where I live, which he has already place 1, congratulations!! only about 80 more or so to place to make this a cache capital area, so releejr let's get busy),
NatureFish (our new approver whom I can't wait to meet)
and last but not least wolf-man

I'm looking forward to meeting each of you and seeing your post, your hides and your idea, especially more hides in my area!!! Always love to hear what others say about caching.