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Thread: When did you start geocaching?

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    When did you start geocaching?

    With all the talk of numbers and competition, I thought it would interesting to know how long some of you have been at it.

    I started in May of 2004.

    Is there anyone who started in 2000? Or when did go live?

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    June 10th, 2002. Ah, yes... I still remember the day I signed up. As soon as I got home from work, I told OrangeDanish (my wife) all about it. I can remember excitedly telling her, "It's like a treasure hunt! These things are EVERYWHERE!!!" ("Everywhere", as it turns out, is a relative term. ) At that time, there were only about 10 caches within 30 miles. Boy, how we've grown!
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    I have been caching for about a year. I went to Iowa to visit relatives and my big sister (woburn) and her friend (ducky2) told me about geocaching. When I got back I went out and found my first cache without a gps on the clues alone. I was hooked and went out a bought a gps. Now I occasional email my sister and taunt her about surpassing her numbers. A little friendly competition and fun. We plan to hook up and geocache together next time we get together.

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    September 29 2003. Heard about geocaching from a friend. Went to geocaching website, there was one five miles from home. Tried to find it with just the clues because We didn't have a gps. Couldn't find it so,We bought a gps went back and found it, and have been enjoying it ever since.

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    Late July 2003, just 2 days before retiring. A co-worker mentioned that I ought to check into it since I was retiring. I had been to Maine a couple of weeks earlier to use up vacation time and taken lots of pictures. When I checked into geocaching, I discovered that I had actually been to a virtual cache in Maine and one in New Hampshire. I had pictures with the answers so I emailed the owners and got credit for the two virtuals I had seen before even knowing about geocaching.

    140 cache finds is not a lot for two full years of geocaching. This may be hard for some to understand, but there is more to life than geocaching. Most people who say the numbers aren't important are working real hard to run up their numbers, even while saying it. Well, I think my record shows that the numbers are not important to me. I have sought out some for their scenic value or special reasons, but mostly I just find one or two if I happen to be in the area.

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    Little Rock (south of), AR.
    I bought my first GPS in WallyWorld Oct 1999.

    I started caching Sept. 22, 2003 when there were 68,459 active caches in 185 countries.

    Now there are (so far) 183,969 active caches in 215 countries.

    I printed up an Ark cache map for Sept 2003 and again for Sept 2004.
    I can't wait to print up one for this Sept 2005.
    Nothing like a picture to point out the changes.

    Edit: I had to edit this one because I messed up the date and typed 1996 not 1999
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    We started in July, 2002 after our daughter in Colorado found a Where's George bill that led her to the site. She sent us a link thinking that we might find it interesting.

    After checking out the site (and thinking "what a stupid thing to do!") we discovered that there were 3 (count 'em - three!) in our area! And we knew about where the first one was located - even without a gps. After a whole 5 minutes or so of indecision - we decided to go look for it. Found it and have been "looking" ever since! By the way, that cache was the "Gorilla Cache" which is the oldest in Arkansas and was one of the first 75 caches ever put out on

    Geocaching soon took over our lives and we were traveling every weekend to find caches! As hard as it is to believe, in the early days we had found almost every cache as far away as Hot Springs, Ft. Smith, Little Rock, Branson & Springfield. As soon as a new cache popped up, we'd drive 3 or 4 hours (each way) to find it. We even made a long weekend trip to Memphis to find new caches and celebrate our 35th anniversary (what better way to spend it together?). At that time there was 102 in all of Arkansas.

    Thankfully, new cachers soon had hidden more caches than we could find - and we're still trying to catch up!!! There's so many caches now that we'll never find all them - but we're still having fun trying!
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    I have been a member of GC.Com since 2003. I found my first geocache in November 2004. I really got interested in it once my department (Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism) made a policy officially allowing geocaching. That was about the time I joined the Arkansas Geocachers Association. Its been a fun ride. I have been to many neat places...I look forward to many more! Happy caching everyone!


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    I voted for 2003 but it was actually August 2004, after four sons my mind is going quickly and their not even teens yet

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    I like Cachecrazies found a Where's George Dollar which lead me to and that was Febuary 2004 and still going.
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