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Thread: Destruction of a Landmark ... and a Geocache

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    Destruction of a Landmark ... and a Geocache

    Many of you have probably found the Golfnutz Travel Bug Motel (GCVF83) hidden at the Best Western in Clarksville. It is an old one, placed in April 2006 by one of the early pioneers of Arkansas geocaching, Golfnutz. I adopted the cache in late 2014. It is in the Top 5 of Arkansas caches with the most Favorite Points.

    Sadly, the Best Western motel was destroyed by a fire yesterday. And, of course, the geocache and its contents were also destroyed. At that time, there were 13 trackables listed in the inventory on the cache page. I have marked all of the trackables as missing and sent messages to the owners or posted notes on the trackable page to make them aware of their loss.

    At this time, I don't know if I will try to restore the cache in a spot nearby or just archive it. I hate to see it go, since it was popular and an "oldie".

    For your information, here is a [LINK] to a TV news item about the fire. Also, here are a couple of pictures of the motel taken today.

    BW After the Fire 1.jpg

    The cache was located inside and to the left of the door the arrow is pointing to.

    BW After the Fire 2.jpg

    View of the lobby area. The cache was at the back of the lobby from this view.

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    Oh no, I am so sorry. We always stopped by to visit it when in the area, to drop and/or retrieve TB's.
    Hopefully you will find a new home, it's sad to see the oldies go.
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    Very sad news. We always enjoyed visiting when in the area. Thankfully no injuries were reported.

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