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Thread: How Many Caches did you do today??

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    May 2004
    I decided instead of my usual Sunday morning hike on Mt Nebo that I would got to Clarksville and hike the Spadra Creek trail and get a few caches while I was there. I ended with 6 finds, 3DNF's(1of which I found out later has been archived), 3 benchmarks, and 2 travel bugs. All of this and I was still back in Russellville by 9:30 this morning just in time for breakfast. Everybody else slept in this morning.

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    GEO Guest

    1 Sunday

    We had a great time at the CITO Sunday ,I went back through and we got 30 the 25th ,5 Benchmarks,3-TB's.
    The one in front of the Courthouse has a no find by the NGS but found it by the description?

    Thank all you Clarksville geocachers for a great time and lukywest and the Arkansas stickerdude,for pushing so hard it was great.A personal record.

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    Geoark1 Guest
    BUMP this was going good enjoyed reading the stories just wanted to bump this again

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    Phantom_491 Guest

    Birthday caching

    I only found four today (All of which belonged to Gaddiel, & OrangeDansh), but that was all I needed to make my goal of my age + 100 for my birthday today. The 1st find was a TB Rescue mission. I will get the bug going in the right direction soon.

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    chili36 Guest
    I picked up 7 over the weekend, none yesterday, but I am hoping to find #200 this afternoon sometime.

    I run my pocket queries on Tuesday and haven't had time to look over the list yet.

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    May 2004
    10 caches in 3 states today, 2FTF's and 2 new Travel Bugs. I took my sister-in-law and niece to the airport in Memphis this morning and decided to do a little caching while there. I found 4 in Memphis, 1find and 1 DNF in Mississippi, and all 5 of the Marion Five series by Chili36. I even tried to get the "Quints" locationless cache while in the area but my camera battery was dead so I couldn't get the picture I needed after finding the exact spot. I still made it back home to Russellville by 4:30.

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    Geoark1 Guest
    Planned to do 8 today on trek to Ft Smith, but only did 7 of the planned ones. Met AR Sticker Dude at the Suds as I was looking. Been a long time for a FTF . Time was getting away and had to do the business for which I had come to town to do.

    He told me he had found something for us when and if we would all meet. He brought it to me, a pin just like our avatar . It was in found in Lukywest Massard Battlefield Pin Cache.

    Told ASD I would do Judge Parker on the way home. I looked for the Judge just hanging around, but NOT. Had looked at it several times. and at last the bell went off .

    ASD invited me to do the Welcome to OK since it was so close and I could use his GPS. Good thing, cause not only do I have short arms and am way to short for some things. That makes 7 in State and 1 foreign one.

    Still got my 8 today....Good day! Thanks and glad to meet you. See you all the 21st down in our neck of the woods.

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    nonnipoppy Guest
    Just one, since we are on vacation in Colorado.

    Golfnutz is going crazy however and is logging all those caches we found last summer.

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    Jun 2004
    Fort Smith, AR
    Come on Poppy I know you can do better then that.
    If your not living life on the edge your taking up too much space!!!!!!

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    nonnipoppy Guest
    Well we are not home yet! But cache plans have been changed due to previously unknown family issues and SWMBO is going divert us away from the caches I have in the GPSr and PDA. We will see.

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