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Thread: How Many Caches did you do today??

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    Geoark1 Guest

    How Many Caches did you do today??

    Thought we would start this topic to give us a place to log our finds at least by total number after work today we bagged 5 what did "you"do.

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    May 2004
    I did not find any today due to that annoying habit called work. AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    GEO Guest

    I got the OMG 101 Event

    Me and TIGGR got to the OMG 101 Event today in Springfield.
    It was a blast..

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    Jun 2004
    Fort Smith, AR
    I got 5 in 120 miles and pouring down rain. 2 of the 5 were FTF's, Also picked up #200 with the TAG and OCG groups at Robbers Cave.
    If your not living life on the edge your taking up too much space!!!!!!

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    Rusty_da_dog Guest


    5 for Rusty and crew today. My dad came over and after church, lunch, and the race we went caching in Fort Smith, It would have been 6 but I had to retrace my steps to find my stupid cell phone.

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    cachecrazies Guest
    We got 9 over the weekend (4 Sat., 5 Sun.) but 1 was the OMG event that lasted most of the day. Did our first night caches (2 of them), had 2 no finds (1 archieved, 1 we just missed) , picked up 3 jeep tb's, and on the way home did maintenance on 2 of our own caches.

    Great weekend! Until we got home and found that something was wrong with the pump to our well - and we had no water at all! Hope the well guy gets here today!

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    lukywest Guest

    As many as I could

    I found six on Sunday, I found 2 virtuals, 1 micro and 3 regular. I would have found more this weekend but my sister had a car accident and I had to go pick her up in tulsa and it was really raining hard. She was fine but the car was mulch. I also met Nonnipoppy on Sunday as well. Really nice people. Me and Arstickerdude are going to check out there neck of the woods on Friday so I should make up that one day I couldnt go.

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    lukywest Guest


    I went on a trip to clarksville and found a total of 36 in about 15 hours. Found a lot of them at night too.

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    cachecrazies Guest
    We didn't find any today - but set out 2 new ones, waiting for approval now!

    Hiked for about 1 1/2 miles on one to find "the spot" and found ourselves only 1/10th from another parking spot! Oh well - makes for an easier terrain level!

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    GEO Guest

    Best Day ever

    Saturday I(we) got 29 down Clarksville way.
    Thanks to luckywest and arkansas stickerdude.
    We had a blast doing the hard one's after dark,made quite the challenge even more challenging.
    I will be back to get the rest of them one of these days.

    I even had to use the secret weapon on one of the hardest ones.

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