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Thread: Prayers dearly needed for The Murphree family

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    Prayers dearly needed for The Murphree family

    Update on Kerry from Facebook:

    This is Justin asking for major prayers for Kerry this morning. Many of you know she has been incredibly sick the last three weeks and unable to work. Yesterday was another day where she again felt terrible, had a slight fever, nausea and vomiting and significant abdominal pain. We had gone Together to the funeral home yesterday to plan and prepay for our funeral and both kinda felt it was just a really emotional day and didn't pay much attention to her worsening condition. Well the day got worse and worse. Long story short Kerry made contact with two of our biggest Genesis heroes and supporters, Dr. Muldoon and Tiffany APRN. If anyone remembers 2015 you know why we skipped the closest facility and at the suggestion of people we trust with our life, made a very rapid trip to Hot Springs. Dr. Muldoon had notified them and we were seen very fast with the first item of business being an IV with pain meds!!! yay!! Next item of business abdominal scans.

    If you remember Kerry has breast cancer of the bone. It left the breast (hence why she didn't need a masectomy) and traveled straight to the bones where it has lived a very painful existence for 6 years.... until now. Scans last night show several metastatic lesions covering her liver, large tumor like masses covering her bladder and urethra. She also has a large, swollen left kidney. These other masses have yet to be confirmed but according to the preliminary scan report, "highly suspicious" to be mets and needs to be confirmed later via biopsy. We were admitted early this morning to a private room.

    Heartbroken is not near a word to describe how we feel. Before we left the ER they drew labwork, gave pain meds and put her in a room. Standard repeat labs at about 4:00 led to a frantic visit about 5:00 saying "the lab didnt like the results- that there must be something wrong as her H&H dropped significantly in a very short time." Well there was no error and they unfortunately correct and after they were ran again to confirm about 6:00 she returned to type and cross blood and they are preparing it now very quickly. We are unsure at what has caused this drastic drop but are very, very concerned to say the least.

    Several calls and texts have been going on all evening and into this morning from very concerned friends and family and we appreciate you all. ubderstandably though please understand Kerry needs all the rest she can get and blood STAT. PLEASE use this post to send prayers and warm get well wishes as this is what we desperately need and please refrain from calling and texting her at this time so she can rest. Also with a critical white count we politely ask for no visitors until her condition stabilizes. I will update this thread to post any major updates.

    Again we appreciate the love and concern from each of you and hope in the middle of a pandemic with critical lab values that you understand and honor our request. Again please feel free to post a prayer here or in your heart. Not only for Kerry but also for those in both our families who are having a really tough time with this devastating news.

    If anyone has a specic request or message for Kerry please text me (870) 814-1696 or post it here and in between her resting periods I will read them to her to help boost her spirit. Please feel free to share this post and pass this news to anyone who may not have Facebook or friends with this page.

    Love to you all.

    Justin, Kerry, and Rachel Murphree

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    We were so sorry to read this on Facebook. Sending our prayers, love, and hugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nukeworker View Post
    We were so sorry to read this on Facebook. Sending our prayers, love, and hugs.
    Our hearts are breaking for Kerry and the family. Keep those prayers going, please?
    “There aren’t enough days in the weekend.”
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