For those who still use a computer to log onto the website, you know there is a search option link to view all caches within 50 miles of your home location. There is also a link to filter out my finds, so that I can quickly see which caches are around me that I haven't found, when planning a geocaching outing. Many years ago -- around 2008 or 2009, I think -- the list of caches I had not found within 50 miles of my home was down to one page (20 or less).

Then, suddenly, geocaching exploded and the number of pages in my list increased dramatically. I am not sure how many pages my list ended up being at its maximum, but it was several pages long, with each page showing 20 geocaches. Over time, the number of pages would go up and down, but the trend was generally downward. This was due to several factors.

  • One, I was finding many of the caches on the list!
  • Two, many caches were being archived over time before I found them.
  • Three, the number of new geocaches being placed has dropped off over the last several years.

I was encouraged to see that the number of new caches in Arkansas last year (2020) was the largest it had been for several years. Maybe, for all the bad things about it, COVID was good for geocaching, as it encouraged people to find new activities in the outdoors. Maybe, we are seeing a resurgence in the game?

Regardless, my list is now down to 19 geocaches. Unfortunately, the closest one is over 42 miles away! So, time for a road trip!

How many pages long is your list? How far away is the closest one unfound by you?