On January 18, 2020, the ArkGeo Board was called to order by President, Candace Dulaney at noon. We met in the side room of Serrano's Mexican Grill, Conway, AR.

Board Members Present at the meeting:
Candace Dulaney, President
Pat Vaughn, Immediate Past President
Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
Kimberly Pridmore, Secretary
Laura Neale
Angela Munden

Board Members Absent:
Chris Knox, Vice President
Chris Rasmussen, Website Co-Manager
Justin Murphree
Jason Nuckols, Website Co-Manager

Judy Vaughn
Glynn Simmons
Carolyn Munden

President's Report

Nothing to report from past quarter.

Treasurer's Report 12/31/19

Beginning Balance $3,714.69

No activity $0.00
TOTAL Income $0.00

None $0.00
TOTAL Expenses $0.00

Closing Balance $3,714.69

Pay Pal Beginning Balance $32.66
No Activity $0.00
Pay Pal Ending Balance $32.66

PathTag Cash Beginning Balance $121.00
No Activity $0.00
PathTag Cash Ending Balance $121.00

Pay Pal Balance $32.66
PathTag Cash Balance $121.00
Checking Balance $3,714.69
Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash $3,868.35

Submitted by Sharon Simmons, Treasurer 12/31/19

Website Manager's Report

No report available.


Election Committee

Chairman: Judy Vaughn
Board Liaison: Sharon Simmons

Nothing to report.

Fundraising Committee

Chairman: Vacant
Board Liaison:

We have a goal to raise $500.00 by 03/31/2020.

Community Relations Committee

Chairman: Pat Vaughn
Board Liaison:

No activity to report this quarter.

Event Committee

Chairman: Justin Murphree
Board Liaison: Chris Knox

Nothing to report.

Membership Committee

Chairman: Judy Vaughn
Board Liaison:

Nothing to report


1. Meeting ArkGeo Goals
Fundraising: Goal of $500 by 3/31/2020
4 CITOs by 04/21/2020
Non-executive board members will each hold a Meet & Greet during the fiscal year.
Generate interest in the ArkGeo website and committees.

2. Committee Involvement
Ideas on how to get more involvement from members of ArkGeo were discussed. A thread has been started in the forum on ideas for challenges/contests within the website, with some response. Thank you to those who responded.

3. ArkGeo Now -vs- ArkGeo Future
The website needs updated and the layout needs rearranged as to show our mission and vision statement. ArkGeo has been instrumental to Geocaching and that needs to be highlighted. We need to direct people from the social media page to the website by pinning our link to the top of the social media page. A few other ideas on how to keep us relevant going forward were putting brochures in state park visitor centers among other places and setting up an informational booth when the opportunity is presented.


1. Election of Executive Board Members

Nominations were accepted and voting took place. The new executive officers are:
Immediate Past President: Candace Dulaney
President: Chris Knox
Vice President: Kimberly Pridmore
Secretary: Laura Neale
Treasurer: Angela Munden

2. Teaching Opportunity - BSA
Boy Scouts of America will be holding a Merit Badge University on May 9th, 2020. ArkGeo has been asked to teach a class.

Motion to Adjourn was made by Candace at 1.50 pm. Sharon seconded the motion. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Kimberly Pridmore