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    What kind of challenges/contests would you like to see ArkGeo do each month through our website?
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    Someone had the idea of hiding a logo or mascot on the website each month.

    Maybe put the first ten finders in a drawing for a pathtag each month... the rest of that batch can be sold at the events the following year. Create a new pathtag for each year... assuming that the tags sell ...the pathtags can pay for the project plus some.

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    1. Revive the $100Mouse Game which was the source of much excitement during the day. I never participated myself, but I understand that those who did found it very exciting -- and rewarding if you were one of the top finders. I believe BACKPACKNJACK provided the prize money. Given ArkGeo's current bank balance, I would think the organization could easily provide similar cache prizes.

    2. Revive the monthly "geocaching expeditions" organized by Flannelman, like the ones held in 2007 (Winding Stairs, March, May, and June). There were others and these are only examples, but basically they were organized group geocache hunts, often involving hiking or the finding of higher terrain caches that some geocachers would normally not attempt on their own.

    Both of these examples got Arkansas geocachers together and their details were provided and discussed only on the website. They stirred a lot of interest in geocaching and promoted the social aspect of ArkGeo.
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    Thank you for sharing that ORR. I really like the expedition idea!

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