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Thread: New Members since Jan 11, 2005

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    LadyEngineer Guest

    New Members since Jan 11, 2005

    I realized to day it has been a very long time since I have welcomed a new member so I have alot of caching up to do.

    For January, I would like to welcome: bluegillfisherman , Eagle95, Sniper300mag, jshute, mpower1975, andy28w, matachama, beerhog, Team_LiquidCache, firefreaks, okierut, jpenn01, RazorbackGeek, we5kings, GeoAviators, Garyinbville, MaxCacher, yippikya, John55Geo, Mark55Geo

    For February, I would like to welcome: RecSpecialist, monkeywo111, monkeywo2k, mp3monkeys, compoundcrew, brandy, Strider, farma2ke, CacheAche, Soflam_man, GIS_Gibby, team_buddy, pixszi, futurehillbillies, ArkGeo_Committee, mountainborn, rbb76, Charton1

    For March, I would like to welcome: theCLB, JackKonecker, XavierLee, D2njen, PROWLER, Buckbrush, BeaglesandBoys, Kat, HogWildDiver

    For April, I would like to welcome: comet53, The_Marshabauers, lostru, bloglimo, OrezzerO, 2WFALLS, jkjones, cpnjfamily, bmwrider2,

    For May, I would like to welcome: jwoodall, Steyr_scout308, Y-Knot, daring5, MrTidy, SteveBrown, firefrog813, Puterwiz, TCPARKER, cameoooooo, deltadawg, BobBgone,

    And for June, I would like to welcome: juniorforce, Cal78, Black Knight, Huntin4Cache, Bellyrub, canoegoddess, Saint_Seneca, TeamSuperBubba, arkhiker, Pepperdave, cdbcaching, PeiParents, Pignewton, chacogirl, Bobax

    I have had the pleasure of meeting in person cdbcaching, GeoAviators (formerly: matachama), and MaxCacher (formerly: JoGPS). I have done a few caches of some of you and have found logs after lots of you. I hope to get a chance to meet each of you at some event in the future. Until then, happy caching and cache on dudes.

    LadyEngineer or 1/4 of Flirtin_with_Disaster

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    couldbecaching Guest

    Thank you for the welcome, LE!

    Thank you for the welcome, Jo!

    Meeting you in person and getting to know you and the Flirtin_with_Disaster gang a little better -- as well as my GPSr and Dinosaur Bones! -- was MY pleasure and good fortune.

    You folks represent this sport well with your warm welcome, your earnest desire to help and inform (and point in the right direction BUT step back as needed! lol), and your active show of things like CITO (the Princesses walk and talk it, which is really cool). Thank you for the shout here, too. I look forward to meeting more geocachers through this forum, at, and in person through caching or events. My son is getting quickly hooked (boy, that boy gets some adrenalin going... kind of like a beagle pup at times! hah), and we're thinking he can be couldbecaching2 or Sidekick_Son. We'll figure it out. (Yeah, I'm working in changing my handle here to couldbecaching to match it on

    Thank you again, Jo -- and the other significant portions of Flirtin_with_Disaster!

    couldbecaching/ cdbcaching... Shauna

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    thenaturenurd Guest

    welcome cdbcaching

    Welcome cdbcaching!

    Glad you are here!


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    couldbecaching Guest
    Thank you, Craig,

    You, too, have been very helpful and cordial as I've been acquainting myself with geocaching, GPSr's, the websites associated with the sport, and with information on events that we would find useful and enjoyable in our learning process with not only geocaching but with outdoor navigation and exploring as a whole. I know, I know... one could say of you, "That's his job." Two sides to that -- you are wise and/ or blessed to work in a field which merges well w/ your personal interests and hobbies, AND it sounds like you put extra effort into your work to help keep the public involved and interested in the outdoors (beyond state parks, even) and in related areas of interest. I read a bit here and there on this site about your involvement in planning a CITO event and about trying to put together some learning/ activity days for kids. Such things are certainly important (I'm looking into getting my son into the latter), and I hope you have an adequate response to make it worth continuing in the future. (Yes, I know Withrow Springs is tucked out of the way and therefore difficult for some to reach for events.)

    Thanks for the greeting.

    Peace all! (I look more and more forward to getting to meet more geocachers around here!)


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    arkhiker Guest
    Thanks for the welcome!
    I am really getting into this geocaching stuff. I think I have already begun to make my wife resent the amount of time I spend searching and thinking up ways to hide new caches.

    I'm looking forward to meeting some of the ardent geocachers in and around Conway and elsewhere. It seems that we have some truly creative (and devious) folks here! Now I am trying to be one!

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    May 2004
    Conway, AR
    Welcome! Glad to have all the new members. Thanks for being a part of ArkGeo!!!

    arkhiker, I'm excited to see some new cachers in the Conway area. We have loved your hides, and hope to see many more. Looking forward to when we can meet you and all the other new members!
    I get my directions from above.
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    arkhiker Guest
    Gaddiel, thanks for the words of encouragement!

    I am still stumped by your "A Day at the Park..." cache. I haven't searched for it in a while. I am building up endurance so I can try it again.

    Presently, I am working on one that I hope will pose a similar challenge. I have already created it, but finding the perfect location is the next step. As they say, "location, location, location."

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    rock_hound Guest
    Presently, I am working on one that I hope will pose a similar challenge.
    Now, look what have you done, Gaddiel. It serves you right for placing such a devious cache.

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    May 2004
    Conway, AR
    I get my directions from above.
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    arkhiker Guest
    Here is the link to the cache I just placed:
    I wouldn't call it devious, just hopefully challenging.
    Let me know if the Difficulty rating is too high/low.

    Happy caching.

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