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Thread: New Members since Jan 11, 2005

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    Jun 2005
    Thanks for the welcome! I just noticed this post so sorry for the delay on the thank you! I've seen some caches from some of you and I hope to start placing some soon. I just wanna try to do them right so I'm doing some major thinking about how I wanna try to test your skills.

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    Jun 2004
    Fort Smith, AR
    For January, I would like to welcome: bluegillfisherman , Eagle95, Sniper300mag, jshute, mpower1975, andy28w, matachama, beerhog, Team_LiquidCache, firefreaks, okierut, jpenn01, RazorbackGeek, we5kings, GeoAviators, Garyinbville, MaxCacher, yippikya, John55Geo, Mark55Geo

    For February, I would like to welcome: RecSpecialist, monkeywo111, monkeywo2k, mp3monkeys, compoundcrew, brandy, Strider, farma2ke, CacheAche, Soflam_man, GIS_Gibby, team_buddy, pixszi, futurehillbillies, ArkGeo_Committee, mountainborn, rbb76, Charton1

    For March, I would like to welcome: theCLB, JackKonecker, XavierLee, D2njen, PROWLER, Buckbrush, BeaglesandBoys, Kat, HogWildDiver

    For April, I would like to welcome: comet53, The_Marshabauers, lostru, bloglimo, OrezzerO, 2WFALLS, jkjones, cpnjfamily, bmwrider2,

    For May, I would like to welcome: jwoodall, Steyr_scout308, Y-Knot, daring5, MrTidy, SteveBrown, firefrog813, Puterwiz, TCPARKER, cameoooooo, deltadawg, BobBgone,

    And for June, I would like to welcome: juniorforce, Cal78, Black Knight, Huntin4Cache, Bellyrub, canoegoddess, Saint_Seneca, TeamSuperBubba, arkhiker, Pepperdave, cdbcaching, PeiParents, Pignewton, chacogirl, Bobax

    I have had the pleasure of meeting in person cdbcaching, GeoAviators (formerly: matachama), and MaxCacher (formerly: JoGPS). I have done a few caches of some of you and have found logs after lots of you. I hope to get a chance to meet each of you at some event in the future. Until then, happy caching and cache on dudes.
    I'm just going to stael this from LE and WELCOME EVERYBODY.
    If your not living life on the edge your taking up too much space!!!!!!

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    Jun 2004
    Jacksonville, AR
    ditto ditto ditto


    Holler at me anytime you need something, although I'm not great with the technical stuff, I know people who are!

    topkitty98 aka Beth

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