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Thread: July meeting

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    July meeting

    We were unable to hold the July meeting due to not enough board members being present. I am sorry I am late in letting people know that. I do not have a computer at my house, so I’m trying to do this on my phone. Again, my apologies. Thank you.
    Kimberly Pridmore

    Board Members Present:

    Pat Vaughn, Immediate Past President
    Kimberly Pridmore, Secretary
    Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
    Angela Munden

    Board Members Absent:

    Candace Dulaney
    Chris Rasmussen
    Chris Knox
    Justin Murphree
    Laura Neale

    Treasurer's Report 6/30/19

    Beginning Balance $3,862.50
    Deposit from Annual Evnt $103.00
    TOTAL Income $103.00
    Walmart 4/13/19 $83.58
    Check 1281 - Popeye's Chicken $167.23
    TOTAL Expenses $250.81
    Closing Balance $3,714.69
    Pay Pal Beginning Balance $32.66
    No Activity $0.00
    Pay Pal Ending Balance $32.66
    PathTag Cash Beginning Balance $110.00
    No Activity $0.00
    PathTag Cash Ending Balance $110.00
    Pay Pal Balance $32.66
    PathTag Cash Balance $110.00
    Checking Balance $3,714.69
    Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash $3,857.35
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