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    Lab Caches

    I just want to take a minute and say thank you to those involved in setting up the lab caches. Me and the boys took two days and did the whole series. It was amazing! We probably could have done them in one day, and that was the plan, but there is just so much to see and take in while doing these. I donít get to Little Rock often, and had never visited most of these places, much less took the time to explore, read plaques, take pictures, et cet. Layne, my 11 year old, enjoyed Central High so much! His class had just read The Lions of Little Rock, so the visit there was very interesting to him! When we visited the capitol, we got to have lunch at the 500 Grill on the bottom floor of the capitol after taking a self guided tour of the place!! Geocaching is an amazing thing and I am just super happy I get to be a part of it. Thank you again!!

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    We agree with you Kimberly. A Huge Thank You to Woodwalker and Mathseeker for developing and implementing the 10 Lab Caches given to ArkGeo. They are very well done and we enjoyed each stop while learning many new facts. Despite living in Arkansas for 28 years, there were a couple of stops that we had never visited before. We had the opportunity to do the series on a Sunday which was a huge benefit for parking availability. Thank you!!!!

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