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Thread: January 11,2019 Arkansas Geocachers Association Board Minutes

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    January 11,2019 Arkansas Geocachers Association Board Minutes

    Our January 11, 2019 the ArkGeo Board was called to order by President, Pat Vaughn. We met in the Best Western Breakfast Room, Clarksville, AR.

    Board Members Present at the meeting:
    Pat Vaughn, President
    Susan Smith Dodson, Immediate Past President
    Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
    Sue Hayes, Secretary
    Phoebe Sellers
    Candace Dulaney
    Eugene Smith

    Board Members Absent:
    Chris Knox
    Chris Rasmussen

    Judy Vaughn
    Ken Hayes
    Butch Chapman
    Kimberly Eastridge-Pridmore


    The Arkgeo Board has been fairly quiet this quarter.

    ArkGeo Board Members have held one event this quarter, a Meet & Greet in Fordyce with several local cachers attending. It was a fun event in a great location and I appreciate plsellers for hosting.

    I do have, what I believe to be, one exciting bit of news. Later in this meeting we will discuss the possibility of placing ArkGeo Adventure Caches.

    There has been no new voting member added to our membership list this quarter.

    Treasurer's Report 12/31/18

    Treasurer's Report 12/31/18
    Beginning Balance $3,620.00
    No activity $0.00
    TOTAL Income $0.00
    None $0.00
    TOTAL Expenses $0.00
    Closing Balance $3,620.00
    Pay Pal Beginning Balance $21.06
    No Activity $0.00
    Pay Pal Ending Balance $21.06
    PathTag Cash Beginning Balance $100.00
    No Activity $0.00
    PathTag Cash Ending Balance $100.00
    Pay Pal Balance $21.06
    PathTag Cash Balance $100.00
    Checking Balance $3,620.00
    Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash $3,741.06

    Submitted by Sharon Simmons, Treasurer 12/31/18

    Website Manager's Report

    Jason Nuckols was not present at the meeting. No report available


    Election Committee

    Chairman: Judy Vaughn
    Board Liaison: Sharon Simmons

    We have 4 Board positions to fill. At the last post in the committee forum, we have 3 members showing interest in running. We are hoping for 5 members to run for the board. As of January 1, nominations are open from the general membership. They will be accepted until January 31, 2019.

    Fundraising Committee

    Chairman: Vacant
    Board Liaison: Sue Hayes

    Last quarter Sue asked Fundraising Committee Members to consider one of them becoming the Chairman for the Committee. Seven Members viewed the request. No one replied.
    No report this quarter since there is still no Chairman.
    No sales were recorded by the treasurer

    Community Relations Committee

    Chairman: Pat Vaughn
    Board Liaison: Susan Smith Dodson
    No activity to report this quarter.

    Event Committee

    Chairman: Justin Murphree
    Board Liaison: Chris Knox

    Chris Knox was absent so no official report was available
    Phoebe did host an ArkGeo Meet & Greet in October as asked of the four non-executive board members, She was the first to host this fiscal year
    Butch Chapman reported that no food arrangements have been made yet for the annual event

    Membership Committee
    Chairman: Judy Vaughn
    Board Liaison: Eugene Smith

    Recent Geocacher Profiles: JDPC3, TIPNWIFE, Bronco's Girl, and Kimberly5775


    Status of ArkGeo Goals

    1. Fundraising
    Goal of $500 in sales.
    Currently we have sold just over $300

    2. 4 CITO'S
    1. Clarksville CITO April 29,2018 Hosted by Sue

    2. Russellville CITO September 22, 2018 Hosted by Sue
    Team St Rock has offered to host one before March 31, 2019
    Eugene Smith has offered to host one before March 31, 2019

    3. Our 4 Non-Executive Board Members will each hold a Meet & Greet during the fiscal year (April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019)
    1. Phoebe hosted October 27, 2018 in Fordyce, AR
    2. Eugene
    3. Candace
    4. Chris K
    Sue has hosted 5 Meet and Greets during the fiscal year: 4/27/18, 7/13/18, 9/22/18, 9/28/18, 1/11/18
    Eugene plans to host one in Damascus
    Candace will host before March 31, 2019
    Chris K will be contacted about hosting

    4. Teaching Opportunities: Teach Geocaching during four separate classes
    1. AR Teaching Event hosted by Judy Vaughn, August, 2018
    Susan will try to organize a teaching event in March, 2019

    Keeping Website Current

    Pat will talk with Jason again about the website management

    Ideas to increase ArkGeo interest/membership

    Ideas to increase ArkGeo Committees membership/participation

    Everyone who attends the annual ArkGeo Event must register as an ArkGeo member to participate in the free meal

    Kimberly (visitor) suggested that our Facebook page be used more to promote ArkGeo
    Our website is important for our continued membership and to keep our organization going. It must be kept updated


    1. ArkGeo Executive Committee Election

    Nominations were accepted and voting took place. The new executive officers are:
    Immediate Past President: Pat Vaughn
    President: Candace Dulaney
    Vice President: Chris Knox
    Treasurer: Sharon Simmons

    2. Arkansas Adventure Caches

    Our state organization has been given an opportunity, by, to develop a new type of caches. Judy and Pat Vaughn have volunteered to develop them. Further announcements will be given in future ArkGeo Forums post

    3. Outline for incoming Executive Board Members

    Pat requested that each Executive Board Member make an outline of current duties to be given to the incoming Executive Board Members to make their transition easier.

    4. Next Board Meeting

    The next board meeting will be held Friday, April 12, 2019 in Jacksonville, AR. Location will be determined in the future.

    Motion to Adjourn was made by Pat, Susan seconded the motion, All in favor.

    Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Sue Hayes

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    I apologize that the minutes have a BOLD print from "Keeping the Website Current" till the end where I signed my name. The minutes were not written up this way, but despite editing the forum post three times, I can't get the Bold print to go away.....


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