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Thread: Can't Miss Caches on Rt. 66?

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    Can't Miss Caches on Rt. 66?

    Next week, we are getting the privilege to drive out to Arizona, where we will meet up with my dad and his camper, and mosey our way back home. For those of you that have been that way, what are some of your favorite/can't miss caches? I have a list started that have the obvious touristy caches on it, like Cadillac Ranch, Winslow, etc. I also saw that the oldest caches for New Mexico and Arizona aren't far away from the path we will be on. Can't wait to see what y'all suggest! Thanks!

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    We bought a Jeep Wrangler a couple years ago and took a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Stopped at a couple Rte 66 locations along the way.

    GC4ADE - Rte 66 Blue Whale in Catoosa OK
    GCG4ME - Arcadia Round Barn
    GC162WP - Pops on Rte 66, Arcadia OK
    GC6XJQA - Infernal Device OKC!
    GC1Q175 - Shamrock TX
    GC8B0E - Big Cross in Groom TX
    GC30FGP -The Big Texan TB Motel in Amarillo
    GCG71X - Cadillac Ranch, bring spray paint!
    GC1W9BA - Blue Hole, Santa Rosa NM Earthcache
    GCG6FV - Our lady tree, Albuquerque NM
    GC29P3D - Rte 66 hotel, Tucumcari NM
    GCG8PK - hole in the rock
    GC1F0A9 - Gallup NM
    GCGTT4 - Petrified forest virtual
    Holbrook wigwam hotel, we found a cache here, now archived. N 034 54.149', W 110 10.129'
    GC64F7 - Rte 66 Winslow AZ
    GC6846 - Meteor crater
    GC3PAFJ - Two Guns AZ, also a 5T Cave Cache nearby.

    Rte 66 / cars movie location guide;

    Have a great trip!

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    Thank you so much!!!

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    Not far from where RT 66 passes through Oklahoma City are a few "must see" virtuals. I would stop and grab these along the route if you have not already.

    GC7FC8- This is a neat little area
    GC4772 - This is adjacent to the OKC bombing memorial

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