I corresponded with Bob White ,Senior product support specialist for Garmin. Several months ago I refered to an article in Scientific American re the new stronger signals coming in Nov..The article speculated a new gpsr would be necessary to handle the frequencies, i.e. , more expense. According to Mr White today the new satellites will be on the same frequencies we use now if all goes to plan. This means indoor reception and an as yet undetermined improvement in accuracy. Tree canopy problems will be a thing of the past. If , as the S.A. article predicted , we are able to get within a few inches ( though the military may put a hold on this ) our sport will become less challenging . I will try to stay updated . There is the possibility garmin is holding out on us for fear of not selling existing units . Iwould guess that to get really close would require a more sophisticated unit that can correct for the time delay from the satellite.