We met on the campus of UCA on July 13th, 2018, in Conway, AR. President, Pat Vaughn called our meeting to order.

Board Members Present at the meeting:
Pat Vaughn, President
Susan Smith Dodson, Immediate Past President
XXXXXXXXXX, Vice President
Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
Sue Hayes, Secretary
EuGene Smith
Kendall Tabor
Chris Rasmussen

Absent: Chris Knox
Phoebe Sellers

Visitors: Judy Vaughn
Angela Munden and Daughter, Carolyn.


President's Report
Pat Vaughn President

It has been a quiet quarter for ArkGeo this quarter. Counting the annual event, there has been four ArkGeo Meet & Greets held this quarter.

Working through committees we have some good news to report. The Membership Relations Committee has assured us that the Geocacher Profile should be re-implemented very soon(it actually was scheduled to launch July1 but problems contacting the prospective geocacher arose and has been delayed).

We visited with the staff at Pinnacle Mountain State Park about partnering with them to help promote geocaching by conducting geocaching classes at their park. They were very excited and thankful and welcomed our help. They promised to contact us for an upcoming “Geocaching Day” at the park to be held in September. We will continue to work with the Community Relations Committee on this project as more details become available.

I'm also happy to report that I have confirmation from 3, possible 4 members who are willing to run for board positions in the next election. I will be working closely with the Election Committee between now and nomination time regarding these members.

Two(2) new voting members have been added to the ArkGeo membership this quarter.


Treasurer's Report 06/30/2018: submitted by Sharon Simmons

Beginning Balance $3,827.93
04/28/18 Merchandise sold - Annual Event $127.00
TOTAL Income $127.00
04/28/17 Check #1277 Harp's Grocery - Chicken $171.03
04/28/17 Check #1278 Sue Hayes - Reimbursement $19.01
04/28/17 Check #1279 Susan Smith-Dodson - Reimbursement $54.89
06/07/18 Transfer monies to Pay Pal Account to cover website expense $120.00
TOTAL Expenses $364.93
Closing Balance $3,590.00
Pay Pal Beginning Balance $62.14
6/7/18 Transfer from Bank Account $120.00
6/19/18 Paid In Motion Hosting - for Website $161.08
Pay Pal Ending Balance $21.06
PathTag Cash Beginning Balance $95.00
02/05/2018 Pathtag Give Back deposit $5.00
PathTag Cash Ending Balance $100.00
Pay Pal Balance $21.06
PathTag Cash Balance $100.00
Checking Balance $3,590.00
Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash $3,711.06



Committee Liaison: Kendall Tabor
Committee Chairman: Judy Vaughn
No report at this time

Committee Liaison: Sue Hayes
Committee Chairman: XXXXXXX
There is no committee chairman, but Treasurer, Sharon Simmons, reports the following in sales... $127.00

Committee Liaison: Susan Smith Dodson
Committee Chairman: Pat Vaughn
Pat has contacted Pinnacle Mountain State Park about presenting a geocaching program this fall. They are excited to team with us.
It has been brought to our attention that three Virtual Rewards that were given Arkansas Cachers in 2017 have not been published yet and they expire towards the end of August. Several board members will contact those cachers to inquire if they need any help getting them developed and published before the time limit.

Committee Liaison: Chris Knox
Committee Chairman: XXXXXXX
Chris Knox was not present at the meeting.
Report made by Sue Hayes, previous Event Committee Chairman
We have a cacher who has agreed to become the new chairman of the committee and are working towards getting him in place with the support he needs.
Since August 1, Sue has planned and hosted the following events:
1 Annual Event
2 Meet & Greets.
Sue has scheduled one more CITO, followed by a Meet & Greet, September 22nd.

Committee Liaison: EuGene Smith
Committee Chairman: Judy Vaughn
Following the clean-up of our Website's Virus issues, the Cacher's Profile has started back-up with the Sanders_Sooners as our first cacher(s) to highlight.
For tax purposes we need to have accurate numbers of our active members. The last time the numbers were updated was in 2012. A letter will shortly be sent to members who have not posted on the website recently. It will encourage them to remain as members by posting on the forums, but those who do not respond will be moved to inactive.


1. Elect a Vice President
Susan nominated Chris Rasmussen , Sharon 2nd the motion.
Vote passed

2. ArkGeo Goals
1. Each Non-Executive Board Member will hold one Meet and Greet in Arkansas, before March 31, 2019.
Status: None have been scheduled or held yet.
Chris K
2. Fundraising hopes to sell $400.00 in merchandise
Status: 7-13-18 $127.00 sold to date
3. Hold 4 CITO's during our ArkGeo year.
Status: 1 was held April 29, 2018
1 is scheduled for September 22, 2018
4. Teaching Opportunities in 4 locations this year.
Status: Teaching Geocaching 101 at Pinnacle State Park, Fall, 2018
We hope to have Mathseeker teach an AR_cache class this fall.
Reminder: Teaching opportunities need to have the support of the committees and board members.

3. ArkGeo adopt the Arkansas 5000 Club
Decision: At this time, our energy needs to be focused on growing ArkGeo before we take on another project.

4. Website Contract Renewal has been paid for

5. Idea by RKLMBL for a different area of the state to be host of the annual event on a rotating schedule.
Decision: Since we have a new Event Committee Chairman starting, ArkGeo would like to remain in charge of the Annual Event, at least for now.


1. Maintenance of the caches owned by ArkGeo.
Issue: They were placed by ArkGeo members (under the ArkGeo Geocaching Account) and were supposed to be maintained by those members, but for various reasons they aren't being maintained.
Decision: Pat and Chris R have offered to check on the caches and maintain them.

2. Website Issues -- Keeping Current
Issue: Some of the information on our website is 2-3 years old.
Solution: Chris R will be given website access to help Jason get the site updated.
Sharon made the motion, Susan 2nd, Vote passed.

The Board Committee Descriptions on the website needs to be revised to better reflect what each committee does.

3. Eligibility for ArkGeo Board Members
Issue: We would like to revise the By-laws under eligibility to change the wording from "voting" to "active".

"Any VOTING member of ArkGeo, who has been an ACTIVE member of ArkGeo for a minimum of one year as of the date nominations close and is a current resident of Arkansas will be eligible to run for a Board Position ….."

Decision: Susan made motion, EuGene 2nd, Motion passed.

4. Changing ArkGeo Passwords - Amend standing rules
Issue: The standing rules stated: All ArkGeo- owned account passwords will be changed each JULY by the President.
This rule should have been changed several years ago when we moved the voting to March and the beginning of the ArkGeo year to April, but it wasn't.
Decision: The standing rule should read: All ArkGeo - owned account passwords will be changed each APRIL by the President.
Voting: Susan made motion, EuGene 2nd, Motion passed.

5. ArkGeo Committee Charters
Issue: They aren't readily accessible.
Decision: To make them public to the membership
Voting: EuGene made motion, Susan 2nd, Motion passed

6. Next board meeting was scheduled for Friday, October 12th, 2018 in Conway.
Issue: Due to several executive board members having prior commitments that day, we have moved the next board meeting into September.
Decision: THE NEXT BOARD MEETING IS September 28, 2018 IN CONWAY AT 6:00 pm

Respectfully submitted by: Sue Hayes