Arkansas Geocacher's Association Minutes, April 27, 2018
Meeting was called to order by SusanSmith Dodson(Immediate Past President) since we have no current President
We met in Clarksville, AR @ Best Western at 6:30pm.
Susan Smith Dodson Immediate Past President
Sharon Simmons

Susan Hayes Secretary
Kendall Tabor

EuGene Smith
Phoebe Sellers

Pat Vaughn

Chris Knox

Attending by phone: Chris Rasmussen

Visitors: Judy Vaughn, Justin Murphree, Linda Tredway , Ken Hayes

Introduction of new board members.

President's Report - submitted by Susan Smith Dodson, Immediate Past President

Goal 1: Events - Each non-executive board member will host one Meet and Greet by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Susan Smith Dodson
Status: goal met
1. ArkGeo El Dorado Eat and Greet on December 2nd, hosted by Phoebe Sellers
2. ArkGeo Eat and Greet: Alma on December 30th, hosted by Maribeth Laster
3. Welcome to Spring ArkGeo Meet & Greet on March 27th, hosted by EuGene Smith
4. Paragould Coffee & Nuts on March 31st, hosted by Jackie Hefley

Goal 2 Fund Raising Implement fund raising initiatives to raise $600.00 by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Maribeth Laster
Status: goal met

Goal 3 Hold 4 CITO events by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Sharon Simmons
Status: goal met
1. ArkGeo CITO & Hotdog Roast 2017 on April 8th
2. ArkGeo CITO - Shady Grove Cemetery on April 29th
3. ArkGeo 2017 Fall CITO on September 30th
4. ArkGeo Arkansas River Trail CITO on March 24th

Goal 4 Teaching Opportunities Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Jackie Hefley
Status: goal not met
1. Jessieville High School GT classes, Geocaching 101 October 6th
2. Jessieville Junior High School GT classes, Geocaching 101 October 18th
3. Wonderview 7th grade class, geocaching and CITO at Wolverton Mountain Cemetery March 13th

Treasurer's Report 3/31/18

Treasurer's Report 3/31/18
Beginning Balance $3,652.93
1/13/18 Merchandise sold $139.00
1/18 Merchandise sold CAGE Event $36.00
TOTAL Income $175.00
None $0.00
TOTAL Expenses $0.00
Closing Balance $3,827.93
Pay Pal Beginning Balance $62.14
No activity $0.00
Pay Pal Ending Balance $62.14
PathTag Cash Beginning Balance $95.00
2/5/18 Give Back Credit $5.00
PathTag Cash Ending Balance $100.00
Pay Pal Balance $62.14
PathTag Cash Balance $100.00
Checking Balance $3,827.93
Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash $3,990.07

Submitted by Sharon Simmons, Treasurer 3/31/18

Motion by Kendall to accept these two reports, Motion seconded by Pat Motion passed.

Election Committee Report - Kendall Tabor - Board Liaison

Introduction of three new board members: Chris Knox, Chris Rasmussen, and Pat Vaughn.

Kendall Thanked Judy Vaughn for her help

Fundraising Committee Report - Sharon Simmons - Currently No Board Liaison

Sales are down this year, including at the Paris Event in January.

Community Relations Committee Report - Pat Vaughn - Currently No Board Liaison

No Activity this past quarter.
Reminder that teaching needs to be through ArkGeo, not by individual cachers.
In May, ORR & Koon&Bud will be teaching a group of boy scouts.

Events Committee Report - Sharon Simmons - Board Liaison

Committee Chair - Ken and Sue Hayes

We had an ArkGeo CITO at Murray Park, Arkansas River Trail, March 24, 2018. This will complete the CITO goal of four.

The 4 Non-executive Board Members have each hosted their Meet N Greets fulfilling that goal for the year.
We (Sue) have been working hard planning the Annual Event.

We want to Thank and show our appreciation to our anonymous donor for this year's rental of the Clarksville Community Center. We greatly appreciate this donation.

We appreciate the Board approving this year's budget to hire a caterer for the Annual Event's lunch.

As of Saturday, we have 29 will attends. We are planning for 70 meals. We are quite excited to have such a nice facility for the event and are hoping for a good crowd to attend the event. We have activities planned all day through the event and going on after the CITO/Hot Dog Roast.

We are still in need of volunteers to help in serving the meal and at tables throughout the day. If you can help out, please let us know.

We always strive to make each event better than the one before. Hopefully this one will fall in line as the best so far.

A big Thank You to those involved in the planning of this event!! You have done an excellent job!! Much time is involved in planning these Annual Events. It takes a village to have a successful event.

The vote for the 2019 Annual Event has taken place and will be announced at the Annual Event Saturday. We still need a volunteer to plan the event & hope someone steps up to the plate.

We are in need of an Event Chairman for next year.

Submitted by:
Sharon Simmons, Board Liaison

Membership Relations Committee - Eugene Smith - Board Liaison

Website was down for an extended time period so we haven't done any cache profiles for a while.

Motion by Pat to accept Committee Reports. Seconded by Sharon. Motion passed


Election of New Officers

We need a Secretary, Vice-President, and President

Much discussion took place with a reminder that our by-laws need to be recognized so we don't lose our 501-C7 status.

Chris R suggested we have a moderator instead of a President

Sue offered to remain as a Secretary another year, if that is allowed.

Eugene made a motion to allow Sue to remain as Secretary. Sharon seconded the motion. Motion passed

Pat offered to serve where needed
Guest Judy Vaughn suggested we leave the VP position open until the July meeting. Chris K & Chis R were asked to review the bylaws and respectfully consider serving as the VP
Sue made a motion for Pat to become President. Eugene seconded. Motion passed

Annual Meeting

Susan will run the 2018 meeting since Pat just became President
Region 2 was voted by our membership as the location for the 2019 annual meeting.


Committee Liaisons

Fundraising - Sue

Election - Kendall

Membership - Eugene

Event - Chris K

Community Relations - Susan

Committee Chairmen

Fundraising -

Event -

Election - Judy Vaughn

Membership Relations - Judy Vaughn

Community Relations - Pat Vaughn

Annual Event

Idea suggested by RKLMBL to treat our annual event like the Texas Challenge is run. Each area of Arkansas would be responsible for hosting the annual event when it moves to their section of the state.

Discussion took place, but no decision was made.

Renewal of Website Host Contract

Jason has negotiated a price of 161.08 for 2 years to be renewed by July 1, 2018

Motion made by Phoebe. Seconded by Pat. Motion passed with one opposition.

5000 Club

Frank submitted a suggestion for ArkGeo to take over the Arkansas 5000 Club.

We discussed different options, but decided to hold off on a decision at this time.

Door Prize Donations

Pat made a motion to donate a t-shirt and coin to this year's annual event. Eugene seconded. Motion passed

Goals for 2018-19

The board goals are listed on the website.

Minutes submitted respectfully by Sue Hayes, Secretary