Minutes of the January 12, 2018, Arkansas Geocachers Association Board
Meeting held at the Holiday Inn Express, Russellville, Arkansas.

The Arkansas Geocachers Association January 12, 2018, Board Meeting was called to order at 6:15pm by President Susan Smith Dodson.

Members present:
Susan Smith Dodson, President
Kendall Tabor, Vice President
Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
Jackie Hefley
Maribeth Laster
Phoebe Sellers
EuGene Smith

Visitors: Ron Laster and Kimberly Pridmore

Absent: Jason Nuckols, Web Site Manager
Les Williams, Immediate Past President
Sue Hayes, Secretary

The President’s Report was presented by Susan Smith Dodson.

President's Report

Goal 1: Events - Each non-executive board member will host one Meet and Greet by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Susan Smith Dodson
Status: in progress
1. ArkGeo El Dorado Eat and Greet on December 2nd, hosted by Phoebe Sellers
2. ArkGeo Eat and Greet: Alma on December 30th, hosted by Maribeth Laster

Goal 2 – Fund Raising – Implement fund raising initiatives to raise $600.00 by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Maribeth Laster
Status: goal met

Goal 3 – Hold 4 CITO events by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Sharon Simmons
Status: in progress
1. ArkGeo CITO & Hotdog Roast 2017 on April 8th
2. ArkGeo CITO - Shady Grove Cemetery on April 29th
3. ArkGeo 2017 Fall CITO on September 30th

Goal 4 – Teaching Opportunities – Teach Geocaching at 4 locations around the state by 3/31/2018.
Owner: Jackie Hefley
Status: in progress
1. Jessieville High School GT classes, Geocaching 101 – October 6th
2. Jessieville Junior High School GT classes, Geocaching 101 – October 18th

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Sharon Simmons.

Treasurer's Report 12/31/17

Beginning Balance $3,526.93

11/17/17 Merchandise sold $26.00
12/29/17 Merchandise sold $100.00
TOTAL Income $126.00

None $0.00
TOTAL Expenses $0.00

Closing Balance $3,652.93

Pay Pal Beginning Balance $62.14
No activity $0.00
Pay Pal Ending Balance $62.14

PathTag Cash Beginning Balance $95.00
No activity $0.00
PathTag Cash Ending Balance $95.00

Pay Pal Balance $62.14
PathTag Cash Balance $95.00
Checking Balance $3,652.93
Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash $3,810.07

Maribeth Laster made a motion to accept the President’s and Treasurer’s reports as presented. Kendall Tabor seconded the motion. Motion passed.

The following committee reports were presented:

Elections Committee:
Kendall Tabor – Board Liaison
Chair - Judy Vaughn
Election committee is looking for possible candidates for the upcoming election. Names are not released until email sent to the membership.

Fund Raising Committee Report:
Maribeth Laster – Board Liaison
Chair – Sharon Simmons
Sold $126 in merchandise
Hope to sell at Paris Event.
$880.50 sold to date this year.

Events Committee Report
Board Liaison - Sharon Simmons
Committee Chair - Sue & Ken Hayes

Planning is coming along on the 2018 Annual Event. Both sides of Community Center in Clarksville have been reserved due to a generous donation by one of our members.

Cache pages have been published.

We have three caterers we are considering using, but it is too early to obtain prices. Sue will be busy in February / March finalizing details which will be presented to board members for a final decision.

Camping is available at fairgrounds across from center or camper’s own choice. Contact Sandy Fryar for details.

Events Committee Goals:
4 CITOs - 3 have been held so far:
Annual event
Hot Springs

Community Relations Committee:
Board Liaison – Jackie Hefley
Committee Chair - Pat Vaughn
No new events this quarter.

Membership Relations Committee:
Board Liaison – EuGene Smith
Committee Chair - Judy Vaughn
No Report

Sharon Simmons made a motion to accept the committee reports as presented. Maribeth Laster seconded the motion. Motion passed.

1. Meet & Greets – EuGene and Jackie. Jackie plans to host his meet and greet in Paragould at the end of February or beginning of March. EuGene is looking at Fordyce, 3rd Saturday in March with a possible CITO the same day. Marks’ Mill State Park was suggested as a possible location for the CITO. EuGene will check out possible sites and let the board know. Kendall also discussed the possibility of a CITO with 7th graders at the Wolverton Mountain Cemetery.
2. Location for the April board meeting. Likely the meeting will be held at the Best Western in Clarksville. Susan will check on this. We also discussed a location for the meet and greet before the board meeting. Porky’s in Scranton was suggested and they do have a separate room.
3. Annual event update. A possible poker run with historic sites was discussed. Local cachers placing caches and caterers were also discussed.
4. Election chair – Judy Vaughn. Judy has agreed to serve as chair for 2018, but we need to find a replacement for 2019.
5. Chair for 2019 annual event. Need to find one, ideally before the 2018 event. Susan discussed that if someone wants to volunteer to chair on the condition that the event be held in their part of the state, she would be happy to encourage members to vote for that part of the state.

1. Website virus. Issues with the website and virus were discussed. Susan provided an update from Jason. It was suggested that once all of the issues are resolved, a post be made to the Facebook account letting everyone know the website is in good shape again. A question was brought up about why the website always shows 11 guests.
2. Election of officers. Due to personal commitments, Kendall submitted his resignation from the office of Vice President. No current members of the board that are eligible for the offices of President, Vice President or Secretary are interested in serving in those positions. It was decided to keep the three officer positions open until the new board members are elected and hopefully some of them will be interested in taking an office. Maribeth Laster made a motion to accept the resignation and keep the officer positions open. Sharon Simmons seconded and the motion passed.

There being no further business, a motion was made by EuGene Smith to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Maribeth Laster. Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 7:09pm.

Minutes submitted by Susan Smith Dodson, President, Arkansas Geocachers Association

The next Arkansas Geocachers Association Board meeting is to be held on Friday, April 27th, in Clarksville, Arkanasas, location to be determined.