Hello Everyone,

First and foremost, thanks for showing up to the July Meeting, and for your kind words. Our group is generally pretty low-maintenance, but all the same, it's nice to hear that people had fun, and I'm hoping to create a memorable experience for all of us. I'm also pleased to announce that Kathy (Crittercache) has volunteered to co-host the event, and anyone who has hunted her caches knows that they're always creative and fun.

I will probably be scheduling the event at Imagine! Games and Hobbies on JFK in Sherwood, which hosts numerous RPG and Card games every week, but they don't serve food. Getting a food truck there is a definite possibility.

I really want to plan a quality event, and will start with a few generic questions:

1. Food-I dig the idea of getting a food truck there, and that would require the least advance planning. Alternately, we could coordinate a Bite Squad order if the food truck doesn't happen

2. Game-Probably the easiest strategy is to play a modified version of Clue, where we pass out cards to everyone, and everyone mingles until they fill out their sheets....Door prizes will be passed out based on how quickly sheets are filled out.

There are probably a lot of options of more challenging mystery games, but most of our events are "come when you can, leave when you must", and last about 1-2 hours. I'd prefer to work with that in mind.

3. Carnival? In place of or in addition to the Clue game idea, we could promote C.A.G.E. and Ark-Geo with a community service event with a contest to set up the best carnival game, and bring in some kids from the community to play....maybe this is a long-term idea, but I figured I'd mention it.

Any and all feedback is encouraged. I'm sure that I speak for Kathy when I say I want to start a tradition that takes on a life of its own. I know I'm not alone when I say that Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I'm ready to show the club a great time in 2 short months!