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Thread: If it itches and you have a cure, share!

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    If it itches and you have a cure, share!

    I got into a bit of some poison ivy in the last few days. Not even getting a smiley so it's even more frustrating as I have no cool story to tell about the scars. I had some huge blisters and went to the pharmacist and said "give me the best poison ivy cream ya got". He said "we have some teasers but Auto Zone has the good stuff". I laughed and said "no really, I have a bad case of the itch". He smiled and said "I'm serious. Auto Zone. Buy GoJo and then use our calamine just for the itch".

    I bought a tub of GoJo for 1.99 and I'm telling ya, my house won't be without it again. Rash was gone within 24 hours. Per the pharmacist the oil properties in ivy is the same properties as oil from motor oil and this stuff breaks it down.

    What home remedies do you have for ivy, ticks, chiggers, spiders, snakes, and gators? I'm interested in just how big this geobag is going to get. At the current size it requires a 2" ball and a hitch.....

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    My original geobag was my front pocket containing 2 pens.

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    Oh I definitely have to remember this. I have a child that is terribly allergic to poison ivy. I always keep gojo in the shop and under the kitchen sink bc I'm a messy mechanic. I would never have thought to use it on ivy rash. Now for bug bites the best thing I've found is plain old rubbing alcohol. Dab it on with a cotton ball and leave it. You'll have to do it a few times but it works.
    As for the geobag ... mine has graduated from just what fits in my pocket to a box. I seriously need to get a backpack.
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