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Here's some updated stats on this challenge, as of today (June 13):

Geocacher # Placed to Date Met Challenge
(at least 12 caches placed)
On Track to Meet Challenge
(at least 5 caches placed)
bUTCH46 117 X
Sanders_Sooners 26 X
rklmbl 22 X
Old River Runner 21 X
Clark~Griswold 15 X
Ssiler 12 X
flowten 10 X
backcountrytrack 8 X
granville_m 6 X
ronwhite & mona 5 X
Savoy 5 X
Cloak.n.Dagger 3
butch724 1
coon&bud 1

So far, 252 physical caches have been placed in Arkansas this year, in response to this challenge! Way to go!!!
Here are my latest:
GC78412 - I.C. - Brain Game
GC77FB9 - Motorcycles Only
GC77F7F - I.C. - Communications