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Thread: beat the heat

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    beat the heat

    After chemo most folks are'nt able to tolerate heat . Two years ago I searched the internet to find something that would let me get back outdoor in the summer time , and , voila: I contacted Steele vest inc. in Seattle and asked if they addrssed the chem problem. She said no, but would I try the vest ? The vest has several formed pockets to insert a special made blue ice device..the thorax is encased in a cold environment artifcially . It works like magic. For 4 hrs I can be in heat to 108 comfortably , then , reach in the cooler, replace the inserts, and go another 4. The vest were originally made for aircraft handler steam launchers on carriers ..their vests are heavier and designed for much higher ambient temps. I told her the vest allows me to enjoy the outdoor again ; she now designs a vest for this category of folks. Several of my buds have purchased these, one owns an air-conditioning co. and his techs work in attics . If you have a low tolerance for heat for any reason you might wish to browse The vest is fairly expensive, if you wish to pattern your own after mine feel free, the inserts are only 40 bucks . The thought of cool comfortable caching in an Arkansas summer is awesome...ain't that so Shadrack ?

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    This is great news. Me and the guys here at Sprint have been working a a plan for something like this the past couple weeks. I'm glad you shared the link to

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