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Thread: Escape Room Game

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    Escape Room Game

    This business got started by a couple of acquaintances of mine, and looks pretty interesting. If I ever do this, I want to take a few of the most gifted puzzle solvers that I can find with me, which is why I'm bringing this up here

    If there's some interest, let me know, and maybe we can set it up as an event. It's $20 per person, the minimum age to participate is 14, and the maximum group size is 8.

    It does not appear to be a scary activity, although the concept definitely sounds like one of the Saw movies.
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    My daughter, wife, and I did one of these in January, to celebrate my wife's birthday. It was not scary. It was basically a puzzle solving activity, where you are placed in a room (not locked) and there are certain clues in the room that you have to find in sequence and figure out where the next clue is and what you do with it. For example, you may be led to a locked cabinet and then you have to find and use clues to figure out where the key is hidden or what the combination is, if a combination lock. The one we did was supposed to be the most difficult of the three in the escape room we visited. The scenario was that we were CSI investigators and had to figure out who committed a murder and get a warrant for their arrest issued within 1 hour. Lots of fun! We were provided with a tablet which showed is the time left and also would provide hints if we were stuck on trying to find a certain clue. If you used a hint, though, your time was penalized. We solved it within the hour and used only 1 hint. I don't recall the time (might have been 53 minutes or so), but the owner said we had the 3rd best time when only 1 hint was used. We enjoyed it a lot more than we expected.

    There are other scenarios, like having to escape from a prison or finding some pirates treasure. But although you are placed in a room and must remain in while playing the game, you are not locked in it, for safety reasons. So "escape" is not exactly correct. "Puzzle" is more appropriate.
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