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    What! ????????????????

    We have been noticing while caching , there are a lot new Geocacher in different areas through out Arkansas. We are happy to see new Geocacher and new caches. We were wondering , is there a site in our Arkansas Geocaching org. where beginners who would like to know more about geocaching or be more efficient in geocaching could have a place to ask question . For example what are the pros & cons between Garmin and Magellan and others GPSr, is one better for Geocaching? Why do two geocachers hunting in the same area have different results? How about some tips on how to use your GPSr more efficiently while hunting for caches . What is a good map to use with your GPSr while Geocaching? Are there some tips we could share on placing cache boxes for the most enjoyment and challenges? Maybe even have some How To s on geocaching , like 101 Geocaching, so beginners in our group can be more informed and place safe cache boxes. We have a real good group of Geocachers in Arkansas and we all have room for improvement. It is just a thought that some might find our site first and need a little more info on what to do and how to find more beginner info.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I've been working on a few of these items recently, and plan to add them to the FAQ section of this web site. (You can see what we gotten done so far by clicking the FAQ link in the upper left corner of the site...) There's not much there right now, but we should be adding much more... I've added your suggestions to my "to do" list.

    By the way, if anyone has suggestions for things to be added to the FAQ, you can email them to me at the email address in my profile. I can't guarantee that I'll get them all in there, but I'll try...

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