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Thread: New Cacher in Little Rock

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    I have managed to finish up all of the Riddler files, and will hunt for them this weekend. The fence post cipher was a problem, because I think that there were some extra spaces, but I did some shifting and shuffling, and finally managed to get there. I definitely appreciated the intro to some of the codes that people use, but for some of the puzzle caches, I don't even see where the puzzle is (as a matter of fact, one of the more recent ones was your "what three words?" cache). I can tell that I'm going to enjoy the puzzle caches a lot, once I get my sea legs under me.

    I've had a look at the first couple of LOTR puzzles, and some of the mini-riddles have punchlines that make sense, but I'm stumped on the others. And Google was no help, either. Do I need to refer to the books to get the answers? I'll definitely take you up on any advice you can offer to help accomplish that journey as I get further into it.

    I'm looking forward to the meet and greet tonight...I already have a couple of people that I intend to pump for some info on caches that they have found

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    Welcome to a great hobby/sport cnwilks!

    I am from the Jacksonville area. Look forward to meeting you.

    Happy Caching!

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