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Thread: 2014 board member election results

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    2014 board member election results

    Here are the results from this years election. We had 72 people place votes this year. My hank you to all who participated.

    Also, congratulations to our newest board members taking office July 1st.

    Sharon Simmons , flyfishingcachers

    Kristie Moore, guwisti

    Rich Swanson, the griswolds

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    Thank you all, well 50 % of you, for electing me. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me, [email protected] or find me on Facebook Kristie Boucher Moore. I look forward to serving all Arkansas geocachers. Thanks again! Guwisti
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    Congratulations and thank you to our board members that have completed their terms and to those who were just elected. We appreciate everyone volunteering to help ArkGeo grow as an organization.
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    Thanks to all who voted in this year's election. That is what we need, more participation, not only in voting but in events, suggestions, and volunteering!!! I will try my best to do a good job and represent ArkGeo well.

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    Our thoughts to board members, both old and new. We hope you pay close attention to all the thank yous and compliments. You have a tough job, but we hope to let you know throughout the year that it is not a "thankless" one! As career educators, we feel very strongly that positive suggestions and meaningful dialogue, are far more effective than non constructive criticism. We know we speak for the vast majority of ArkGeo members when we say best wishes and thanks!
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    Good luck you three, I know there will be lots of fun going on in the board thread now with you all in there. I look forward to seeing what you guys do for the next few years!

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    Congratulations and good luck to the three of you!

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