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    National Forest

    Has anyone been able to get a permit for hiding a cache in the Ouachita National Forest? I have called the local office several times and always get the runaround with the person who is supposed to handle permits never calling me back.

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    I have not done it in a while (I know need to every year but I spoke with the district office you want to put your caches out in. I know can be a bit fuzzy on which district your cache may be in, but here are the numbers to the districts. Jessieville/Winona/Fourche - 501-984-5313 ext. 108 (Jessieville)
    Mena/Oden - 479-394-2382 (Mena)

    Caddo/Womble - 870-867-2101 (Womble)

    Poteau/Cold Springs - 479-637-4174 (Poteau)

    If you have trouble, contact this lady, she is the one that does the "record keeping" I believe.
    Elaine Sharp
    Forester, Lands
    Ouachita, NF
    [email protected]

    I have ALWAYS had better luck with Ouachita than I have had with Ozark. Let me and the organization know what roadblocks you find ahead.

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    I have worked with her, depends on what kind of caches & where you want to put them. Good luck.

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