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Thread: My 1st Goodies !!!

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    I usually go here for all Arkansas Events:

    Play Tab to Hide and Seek a Cache

    Find a geocache by State/Province

    Click Arkansas

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    Wow. Soooo much better than my method. Glad you posted this!

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    My approach is to go to the "Your Profile" page (which is my default page when I log in; perhaps yours, too). On that page, on the right side, under Search Options is a link for List Newest in Arkansas. Clicking on that takes one to a list of all active caches in Arkansas, in order of the newest "Placed Dates" to the oldest (Gorilla Stash). The "newest" will always be events/CITOs within the state which have not yet occurred. Basically, a different way of getting to the same list that AFM's approach gets you to. I would say choose whichever way is easier for you.
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