I have mentioned this several times to various members over the years, but I think it's time we get together or individually (with our without support of arkgeo) and plan a CITO for the National Forest Service one in the Ozark district and one in the Ouachita District.

We have many talented geocachers that are not far from the Jessiville Field Office that could facilitate the cleanup event in that area and show them what geocaching is. In addition we have several that are around the Hector/Piney/Russellville districts to facilitate one in our area.

They have a new district ranger in the Piney District and I am hopefull I will have FS approval for about 5 new caches by next week. I wanted to bring up the topic of a CITO, but I was trying to get to the bottom of the issues we have on getting a cache published in the Ozark district. I will keep everyone posted on how that turns out.

Please think about this and figure out if it will be a good event to have and we'll line up some potential locations...usually the places that have the most trash, but spring time is a good time to do them as fall is deer season.