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Thread: Need Help please with finding GC code for 2 caches

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    Need Help please with finding GC code for 2 caches

    Hello again all! Recently rekindled my account and am looking forward to hitting the ground running as soon as i get my new GPS....come on Santa!!!

    What i needed please: I am trying to do the Delorme ( which I have found), the Arkansas County ( find one in each county) and the State park cache ( every Arkansas state park). I can not find the GC codes for the last two so that i can start making a plan as to how I can finish all of these over the course of a couple of weekends.

    Thanks for all of your help! and hope to see each of you out on the road somewhere!


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    GC1C34M ▼

    The Grand Finale

    A cache by Arkansas State Parks
    Hidden : 05/10/2008

    GC1KZXN ▼

    The Arkansas County Challenge

    A cache by woodwalker
    Hidden : 01/21/2009

  3. #3 a follow up to this the people that have completed these 2.....Will I be able to locate a lot of the state park caches during the weekend or are their regular hours normally open to the public during the week?

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    I scanned the list, although I must say several have changed locations somewhat since I have found them several years ago, and I only know one, GC1DR3N ▼

    South Arkansas Arboretum ParkCache

    that is not available at all times. The park has posted hours and the cache is located in a locked fenced in area. I do not recall any other caches not being accessible at all times, however many I wouldn't venture in after dark as they may have difficult/ dangerous terrain nearby. For the Arkansas County Cache it doesn't matter what caches you get as long as they lie within the county borders. You can use the State ParkCache for County/ and or DeLorme finds in Arkansas, but you can't do it in Louisiana if you ever venture down there for their trifecta. I'll be glad to help you any way I can. I really enjoyed these challenges when I completed them. Now my daughter, 2ter (who is 11), is going back to find all the State ParkCaches during trips she was not with me. She has even decided to camp at EVERY State Park that has facilities. AND she says it has to be in a tent, not in our brand new camper Of course I don't mind as I love the State Parks and Geocaching and of course spending time with her. Once again if you need help feel free to message me here or on my profile account.

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