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Thread: GCD343 - The Iron Streets of Sebastopol

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    Cool GCD343 - The Iron Streets of Sebastopol

    Welcome back Cache Fans! It's another episode of the McGillicutty Adventures!

    Previous episodes include:

    GC2P3VH - McGillicutty vs Magnus Simia Rex
    GC3BRF3 - McGillicutty's Tools of the Trade!
    GC30 - The Search for Mingo McGillicutty
    GC485ZG - The Moncai at the End of the Universe

    This month's adventure:

    GCD343 - The Iron Streets of Sebastopol

    Razor Rat Rizzo & His Golden Hotrod!.pngCletus & Dinker's Marshmallows & Beer!.png
    (More pics on cache page)

    Unlike previous tales of temerarious travels, this fantastical fable comes with poignant proof. Making his Geohopping debut as the Emissary of Emerald Exuberance, the Sultan of Shamrock Shenanigans is... Signal McGillicutty!!! aka The Great Green Galactic Globehopper!

    When word went out that Mickey McGillicutty was auditioning for a partner in peregrination, Signal jumped (literally) at the chance to join the McGillicutty crew. But before he could be made a full fledged member, he had to prove his froggy-worth on his very 1st adventure... conquering The Iron Streets of Sebastopol! Unlike another Iron City of smoke stacks & weathered cinder where the Allegheny & Susquehanna collide, this California oasis is draped in colorful greenery & efflorescence.

    Just on the outskirts of town, Mickey & Signal heard what can only be described a tumultuous thunder of steel & wheel. It was the Sebastopol Street Racers revving their engines for the start of their annual "Road Rally to the Redwoods"! This 550 mile, 2-day romp will take the racers through the northern stretches of wine country & the majestic mountains of Mendocino before their famous turn at the Chandelier Tree!

    The years cast of crazy Cali-cruisers consisted of Razor Rat Rizzo & his Golden Hotrod! Jackrabbit Jim, who's so fast himself, he has no use for motorized mayhem! Point Break Pearl, who normally tackles the waves, but for this race busted out her Turbo Board 3000! Skeleton Bob & his Hell Bike "Inferno"! Organic Oliver & his Racing Chicken! Junkyard Jake & his trusty bovine Betsy & canine Carl! And last but certainly not least, the most feared racer of all time, the Legend of Kootney Hollow himself, Shovel Shack Schubert on his Madcap Mini-bike!

    As the racers squealed off the starting line, one racer was stopped dead in his tracks. No not Skeleton Bob, as you may think. Apparently Razor Rizzo's golden hot rod had been juiced with nasty nitrous. Turbo-design was not his thing, so as Rizzo scurried from the scene, tail ablaze, the fire crew zipped in to squash the field of flames.

    As the chaos died down Mickey & Signal took up a game of Cacheball with some of the intrepid spectators, Babe Ruth, Rollie Fingers, Pistachio Pete, the Wicked Witch, Batboy Bruce & Deputy Dog, before finally kickin' back a cold one & toasting some marshmallows with Cletus & Dinker!

    Stay tuned Cache Fans for the continuing mis-adventures of Mickey & now Signal McGillicutty!
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    Fun Mike. The photos make me want to hit the road for CA.

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