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Thread: 500th Celebration Ape cache & Earth cache

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    500th Celebration Ape cache & Earth cache

    April Fools was not kidding. Maybe we are fools but we traveled from Ark. to this cache to celebrate our 500th find.... We were not disappointed. What a great area with nice hiking trails, a beautiful lake, and lots of wide open spaces. These Arkies had to shout and dance and whooop it up as we have been wanting to do this Ape cache GC1596 every since we saw theme. Great opportunity.... We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the gorilla sized cache box. We traveled 758 miles for this cache one way... 1857 miles round trip, and with gas going higher we thought now or never. Decided this new adventure would accomplished one of our goals of 16-categories. Tried to get other geocacher to come with me, but schedule and time did not allowed it. For our 500 celebration we decided to do the Ape Cache, the Earthcache and one Cam cache. There are 3-Ape caches that we know of: Mission12: Blind canal of light, GC1596 by Chicago that we found, Mission 7: Crab Creek, GCEF7 in Maryland and Mission 9: Tunnel, GC1169 in Washington State. We also did one Earthcache: GCKTG1 Continental Divide if you are interested in Earthcaches go to . To find all the earthcaches available. There is one south of Saint Louis, MO. We tried to find at least one in each category and each one of was an adventure and challenging.


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    Congrats tooldcrows I wish I could have made it.
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