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Thread: Can't Find Benchmark in Database

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    Can't Find Benchmark in Database

    This weekend, I found a benchmark (or what I believe to be a benchmark). However, when I went to log it, I couldn't find this particular one listed in the NGS database.

    I have tried using the search funtion to search by designation, but had no luck, and none of the nearby marks match this location or description. Is it possible that this one is not in the database?

    What's your method for logging benchmarks when you find them by "accident"?

    **EDIT: Here's a picture of the one I found. On second look, I see that it is stamped "Corps of Engineers". Is this why I'm not finding it in the NGS database?
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    thenaturenurd Guest

    excellent question

    try this page NGS datasheet you can search on it. You might find it you might not. Not all benchmarks are in there for one reason or another. Geo TB1 may know more about it than me.


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    Geezer_Veazey Guest
    Is this by any chance in Cadron Creek Settlement? I found a Corps of Engineers Bench Mark out there and it wasn't in the Geocaching.Com database. My guess is that Corps bench marks are in a different database.


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    cachemates Guest
    I found a benchmark like that on the Sprada trail at Clarksville, just up the trail from the Vincennes bridge cache. Not sure if you can log that type with ngs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geezer_Veazey
    Is this by any chance in Cadron Creek Settlement?
    No, this one was near Beaverfork Lake. But I think you all might be right about the Corps marks...
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    Phantom_491 Guest
    I also have found some marks that are not in the database. Some of the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) benchmarks are not in the database. I have also found an Army Corps of Engineers survey marker that isn't in the database. It's on Pinnacle Valley Road heading out towards the 'Bats Abound' cache. I haven't double checked the NGS database on these, but I know they aren't in the BM database.

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    thenaturenurd Guest


    Marks from alot of the other agencies did not make the cut to be included in NGS. Corps of Engineers is one of these agencies. Several of their marks (possibly all of them ) are not associated with NGS. Since the Corps is part of the Dept of the Army I dont think thats too odd really.

    visit this site for more info...

    National Geodetic Survey

    Here you can learn all you want to know (and more!!) about the NGS.

    Good luck!


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    GEO Guest


    This data set has to do with all navigatable waters within the Interior of the United States.
    It is a different data base.
    Headquarters is Littte Rock.

    All Agencies have there seperate data sets and good luck getting any of the data.

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