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Thread: ArkGeo Annual Meeting Minutes

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    ArkGeo Annual Meeting Minutes

    Arkansas Geocachers Association Annual Meeting
    June 8, 2013

    Annual Meeting called to order by Chris Denton at 1:45pm

    Thank Yous!
    ArkGeo Membership
    Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
    Land of Frost
    Dempsey Bakery
    Golden Eagle
    Loblolly Creamery
    Go Pro Camera

    Treasurer's Report by Judy Vaughn
    Statement of Income and Expenses for July 1, 2012 - June 7, 2013

    Opening Balance, Beginning of Year $1,423.40
    Fundraising (Geocoins & Merchandise) $1,070.00
    PayPal (Current Geocoins) $ 259.39
    Donations $ 48.00
    TOTAL INCOME $1,377.39
    Geocoin Balance $1,000.00
    Check Printing $ 48.06
    TOTAL EXPENSES $1,048.06
    Closing Balance, End of Year $1,752.73
    PayPal (Geocoins) Balance $259.39
    Checking Balance $1,493.34

    Membership Report: 279 members

    Recognition of Outgoing Board Members
    Presentation of Certificates to Richard Lee, Ron Laster, and Tim Stone (Chris Denton accepted for Tim Stone)
    NOTE: Please keep Tim Stone in prayer, in hospital with infection in leg.

    Thank you to those who ran for board positions:
    Mark Willis, Sandy Fryar, Lisa Sanderock, and Linda Tredway
    NOTE: Please pray for Linda Tredway. She is currently out of state with an ailing parent that is in hospice care.

    Election Results:
    46 Members Cast Their Vote

    Candidate's Name Caching Name Votes Percentage of Votes
    Mark Willis thefab5willisclan 41 89%
    Sandy Fryar Likestocanoe2 40 87%
    Linda Tredway Angel06 26 57%
    Lisa Sanderock specialteacher 24 52%
    ArkGeo Committees need members to join.

    Annual Meeting Adjourned

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    Specific Geocoin questions: How many were in the original purchase? How many have been sold so far? And how many are left in inventory?

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