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Thread: LOR series to come

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    We have been out of town most of July and are back to hunt the ring and the caches. We will find them and we will ... all that are in our way. With the ring ,we will rule them all. It it my precious.

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    We have seen great activity on many of our puzzle caches and are thankful to all that look at, solve, and find them.
    We have been hiding 2-3 caches each week since April and thus fare there are 3 traditional, 3 multi and 42 puzzles caches.
    Usually we do not publish caches on holiday weekend so that everybody can focus on the Most Important - Family.
    However there are a few in the works that might get published on the labor day weekend.

    Congrats to all that will complete the 31 days in August challenge.

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    We started to add Certitude to all our puzzle caches. Don't be afraid of puzzles most puzzles published in 2013 are quite easy, albeit not all.

    In 2014 we will explore the land of Elves and Men and place some what harder puzzles since there are many easy one already.

    Happy new year to all of you.

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    Cabot, AR
    I have not started your series yet but I will be soon. I've only lived here (officially) since May and I'm clearing everything out in Cabot. Then I've move towards Jacksonville. Looks like a lot of your LOR puzzles are closer to Little Rock proper. I'm making my way there.

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