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Thread: Homemade New DeLorme Map Layer for Google Earth

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    Homemade New DeLorme Map Layer for Google Earth

    After much trial and error, I was finally able to come up with a homemade Google Earth Layer for the New DeLorme Map. As far as I know, there hasn't been a new macro developed with the new map on it. Hopefully, this one will work until such time as someone creates one that exports out to Google Earth like the original DeLorme Macro does.

    I think it is accurate by about 97% or better. I'm sure that there could some additional tweaks, but with the exception of pages 41 and 71, I believe I hit the nail on the head with the latitude and longitude for each block. Also, the page # labels are giving me fits, but they'll work for now.

    The map is simply a color overlay. You will have to generate a map of your finds using a GSAK macro that exports to Google Earth. Once that is done, you turn on this layer and you will see which pages your caches fall under and you can uncheck the pages and turn off the color for those pages that don't have found caches within the blocks. You have to do a little bit of eye-balling, but it's pretty easy and straightforward.

    Not a bad little piece of work, if I do say so myself, for those that want to incorporate a 4th challenge for the New DeLorme Map along with AR State Parks, AR Counties, AR DeLorme (Original).


    Hopefully, I didn't do all this work just to be informed that there is a macro out there for the new map!

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    I have not tried this, but thanks for taking the time to do this Razz. It looks pretty cool!

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    Awesome job! Looks like a lot of work went into this. Thanks Razz007!
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