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Thread: RIP Pam Perez Idratherbecaching

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    RIP Pam Perez Idratherbecaching

    One of our Geocaching buddies, IDRATHERBECACHING, Pam Perez, passed away this morning 2/12/13 about 5 AM from cancer. She had only found out about the cancer about a month ago when she went into the hospital to have her gall bladder removed. It spread so fast it has shocked us to find out about it.
    Pam was a very spuncky cacher and would do a lot of caching alone and at any time of day or night. h...ere is a post she made to one of my caches back in 2008.



    Found it12/06/2008Wow! Grandson's first birthday party and a FTF in one day! All the way home I was thinking "How could a day get any better?!" and pulled onto my street and saw a yard full of Christmas lights that hubby put out while I was caching all alone, in the dark, on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere! No, he didn't feel guilty! Oh well!

    I drove as far as I could, pulled over by the big NO TRESPASSING signs, and walked in the direction my GPS sent me. (There must have been a better way!) After a couple of hours (well it seemed like it) I got to GZ, followed that crazy GPS around for more hours, (it seemed like I told myself "It should be right over there, but this GPS says over here" about 18 times), went to where I thought it should be, crawled through the stickers, dug through more stickers, and finally saw something shiny in the light of my handy-dandy head lamp! (Is sticker-scratch fever as life-threatening as cat scratch fever?) Eureka! The cache! I loved it. It was so appropriate! Dug it out, reached into my pocket for my pen, and aaarrrgggghhhhh! NO PEN : ( Well, I wasn't about to let someone come in from another direction and get MY FTF while I made the hike back to the car for the pen that's supposed to always be in my jacket pocket so into the pocket said cache went and traveled with me back to the road. Signed it in the warmth of the car, hiked back to GZ, replaced cache (hopefully as good as it was originally), and made the LAST trip back to the car and headed home to my Christmas lights surprise.

    Great cache, great adventure, and find # 180 and FTF # 8. Thanks, SearcyKid.

    The name of my cache was RIP.

    Now I can say R I P to our friend Pam.


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    She will be missed. Thanks for sharing this great log. I love reading Cache logs. I will sometimes stay up late at night reading them.
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