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Thread: AGFC Cache Placement Policy

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    AGFC Cache Placement Policy

    Does anyone have experience with placing caches on AGFC Wildlife Management Areas or Lakes? I have emailed one individual on the AGFC geocaching page, but have not had much luck. What is their policy on cache placement?

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    I'm interested in this, too. When we called to get ours approved, they didn't have a clue what we were talking about. The lady just said, "Yeah, I guess it's ok, as long as it doesn't stay there forever."

    Surely somebody knows more about this now, since the AGFC endorses geocaching on their web page. Another call might be in order...
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    rock_hound Guest

    AGFC Response

    After getting the run around for several days, I finally talked to someone who actually knew something at the commission. I spoke to John Day (223-6381) in the enforcement section. According to Mr. Day, a committee met on geocaching a while back. Thier conclusion was that the AGFC would not allow geocaches on AGFC Land. I asked what the reasoning was for not allowing geocaching. Mr. Day stated that the committee was concerned that people would venture into areas where a hunting season or permitted hunt was taking place. I asked if the AGFC allowed hiking on undeveloped trails (by non-hunters) on AGFC land. Mr. Day stated that hiking was allowed. I stated that it would not be much different than hikers and that it was everyone's responsibility to keep up with hunting seasons if they are in the woods whether on AGFC land or not. Mr. Day had no response. I also asked what regulation violators could be prosecuted under. According to Mr. Day, geocaches could be considered littering or as structures (AGFC prohibites any permanent structures). Mr. Day stated that to date the AGFC has no knowledge of any geocaches other than those placed by the AGFC. Mr. Day stated that they may allow geocaching under some circumstances but they would have to be placed in conjunction with the Education Outreach Program. He referred me to Lucy Moreland, Assistant Chief of Education Outreach (223-6433).

    If anybody has caches on AGFC land you may want consider disabling it. This may be an issue that we as an organization could pursue with the AGFC. Maybe we could get them to institute a similar program as the State Parks. Although, I would like to see something a little less stringent.

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    southdeltan Guest
    Good point on the hikers, sounds like it hit a nerve. You should really follow up on this.

    I have several geocaches out in the Delta National Forest. NF's in general have no rules on geocaching and our NF doesn't have any individual rules. As a matter of fact the Ranger and Biologist there were excited and the Biologist offered to help me find neat places to hide the cache.

    We have an extensive hunting season here and during the time that Gun Season for Deer was open, not one geocacher went after my caches. Geocachers are not stupid and they won't take risks they find too risky.

    On the other hand - I personally go after geocaches during hunting season, growing up hunting in a family full of hunters I trust hunters - but that's another story

    I'm currently planning to start placing caches in our State WMA's - they have no policy. Actually - the ones I have in the DNF are in a WMA that's inside the Forest. I'm planning to hide some in areas that are stand alone WMA's.


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