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Thread: Hiker falls from bluff at Cadron Settlement Park in Conway

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    Hiker falls from bluff at Cadron Settlement Park in Conway

    There are several caches hiddin in this park. Be careful out there....

    By Log Cabin Staff
    A female hiker who fell from a bluff on the Cadron Ridge Trail in Conway Sunday afternoon was transported to Little Rock via Medflight, according to Conway Fire Chief Bart Castleberry.
    The woman was with another female as the two hiked the trail above the Arkansas River. Castleberry said the first hiker's foot gave way, and she fell from the bluff into the water on her back. Her friend jumped in after her.
    Other hikers who were not with the couple immediately called 9-1-1. Castleberry said the fire department sent its rescue boat out to the woman. One Conway firefighter was able to climb down the bluff and get to the woman and her friend until the boat arrived. Medflight transported her to Little Rock for her injuries.

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    WOW Isn't there a fence up on the high point of that bluff?

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    We hiked there last fall and did not attempt to get the cache on that bluff for fear of falling. I don't remember a fence along that section of the bluff. We decided that a smiley wasn't worth the risk since we didn't have rope with us, RBG

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    RBG, that is called "Personal Responsibility".... Sometimes I think too many people don't do that. I applaud you guys for using your brain. Don't get me wrong, this accident is a tragedy and my heart bleed for this person's family and friends. Just want to stress the use of "Personal Responsibility" when out caching or any other part of our lives.
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