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Thread: Donate your old (working) gps to a public school GPS program

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    Donate your old (working) gps to a public school GPS program

    Hello folks, This is the Geo Aviator, "Grumman Goose" aka Marcus Daily. I am a teacher at the Benton Jr High School and I have found out that no one here uses GPS in the school curriculum. Well that's about to change. I would like to know if anyone has upgraded to a more advanced GPS lately, would they be interested in donating their old ones to our school. Two great things come out of this, you help a kid learn about geocaching,GIS/GPS, also you can claim a tax credit for a charitable donation. If you are interested please contact me one of 2 ways:

    [email protected]

    Phone for Benton JR High: 501-778-7698 (school office, if you need verification that i am a legit teacher).

    Thanks so much for your consideration.
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    GeoAv, you are my kind of teacher! I don't have to call, I can tell you are legit by the way you teach! Takes one to know one.

    I taught math and science to middle school students, never taught out of the text books as long as I could get by with it. Sometimes parents, principals(I was one of these), supers, and school boards, state board of education and especially the legislature just does not get it.

    Retired 1997 with 30 yrs and used textbooks about 10% of the time. Just wish geocaching was IN back in the olden days. Wow! what I could have done in math and science.

    When we upgrade, we will send along ours.
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    I don't have one that I can pass along, but our office has been known to come do demonstrations with our survey grade units. We did one last fall for the 8th grade science students at North Wood Junior High. Our survey grade units are accurate within 2 cm (I'd like to use this one on one of Nonnipoppy's caches that I know of) and are very cool to show to students because you can navigate to a penny in the grass of the football field. We also bring our garmin with differential which is accurate within 4 feet.

    We are continously upgrading our survey grade. We have some very old units which we still use but I will check if they might consider donating one of them at some point. Only thing is those units have been used and when I say used I mean they show that use. They still work, they just aren't very pretty after all that mud, sweat and dirt.

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    I have a hard time donating mine because the kids keep taking them over,but after I upgrade 4 times I'll send some to you. Since I have 3 kids them snag them as soon as I upgrade.
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