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Thread: Just some fun facts!

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    Like i said LE

    I told you LE...too much time on your hands haha...

    "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir

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    I agree with ASD. A pocket query (or two) imported into GSAK will save you a lot of time. I bet just going through and exporting 47 pages of .LOC files took forever. Then going back and updating the last found for all of them.


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    2 PQ's (I'd find a the date of the 500th active geocache - use the date of the first cache and the date of the 500th cache to sort Arkansas caches in the first one, then the date of 501 to present for the second) will give you EVERYTHING on a cache including the last 5 logs.

    You can set them up in a few minutes and they'll be emailed to you whenever you want them.

    I get the PQ's for MS several times a week - plus many other custom PQ's for other purposes.

    If you're not a premium member - check it out.

    I personally use Clayjar's Watcher and GPSBabel - but many people prefer GSAK (which is built on top of GPSBabel). They're all good programs.


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