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Thread: Student pilot mistakes

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    Student pilot mistakes

    Ok---a funny thing happened....isnt that the way these are supposed to start out? Anyways, here we go:

    It was a nice day, Grumman Goose, the two J3 cubs and I ( yet to be named) decided to find "Spiderman is Watching You". At the same time we were looking for " Wild in the City Redux". They were in the same area very close to each other. Well, the Goose had Wild in the GPS and we were trying to get as close as we could to the cache. We decided to go back to the park and leave the vehicle there and hike to it like he directions said. On the way to the park Goose put in the Spderman co-ord. The GPS said we were within 400 ft and I know of places to park to get there easier...hahhaaaha. We walk down the trail and go right to the waypoint. Goose spots Spiderman but we cant find the actual cache. WE are looking and looking...hmmm. I keep telling Goose the cache is a PVC pipe with ends. We continue to look. Finally he gets Spiderman and opens it...oh yeah, I now remember its a multi. But where did I get that info. OK, so I tell him "Oh yeah...." I then read the paper for Spiderman AGAIN. OOooppps....this is the paper for Wild. No wonder we couldnt find the PVC pipe. We did find plenty of old bottles and an old metal pipe with ends. So...the moral is Check, double check and when you are done, check again. Oh well, it was fun and we had a laugh. Learned a lesson and wont do that again. But, Im sure there will be other misadventures. Stay tuned for more misadventures from these aviation misfits.
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    Welcome to MY world, GeoAviators! I'm walking proof of Murphy's Law. Thanks for sharing your story and making me feel like I'm not alone...
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