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Thread: Its only me

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    Its only me

    Greetings All From

    I am not really new here, but have a new reviewer name Max Cacher was formerly known as Tennessee Geocacher. I did a “Make Over” all except the spelling and grammar, can’t help that part. Hee Hee

    You may be wondering why a make over, its simple, was long over due, and just wanted to do it. Nothing has changed, still think of me as you did before good or bad, but with your help am willing to work on the bad vibes that sometimes I throw out not meaning to, just trying to do my volunteer job for the good of the sport.

    It has to be hard sometimes looking in from the outside as to why we do certain things, its only because we can see the big picture of the site as a whole as it applies to the entire world of geocaching.

    Any questions about the approval process, I will be happy to try to answer all that will not get me fired.

    Please fell free to email me about anything or off the wall ideas for a cache to see if I think it will fly. Its very hard to explain everything and the process we use but will try if you ask.

    Its has been great working with all you fine folks in Arkansas, and plan to continue. Some of you know what my real geocaching login name is and that’s cool, but do not want it posted to any web site, because then that part of being a everyday geocacher is taken away from me and can no longer post under that name for reason I am sure you can figure out on your own.

    Happy Trails

    Max Cacher Volunteer Cache Reviewer // Moderator
    [email protected]

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    MaxCacher (boy, I've gotta get used to that),

    We as geocachers appreciate the great job you continue to do in approving caches. I realize it's a thankless job sometimes and because of that I just want to say, "THANKS!!!" We here at ArkGeo also appreciate you for being so helpful in our most recent need. You've really been a big help to us.
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    Hello Max......Great Name......poppy
    May those who love us, love us. And those that don't love us, may God turn their hearts; and if he doesn't turn their hearts may he turn their ankle so we may know them by their limp.... An Old Gaelic Blessing

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